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Content: A Foundation For Your Marketing Strategy

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



A good content strategy should be the centerpiece of any marketing plan. Content creates an ongoing conversation with your audience, and a well-thought-out strategy makes valuable connections, educates your potential customers on the importance of your products and services, provides value to your existing customers, and enhances your lead generation results.

Every business can use a team that specializes in creating valuable content. Just like in sports, a good team is filled with different roles, and each one is critical to good performance. An effective content team consists of content writers, social media specialists, AV professionals, graphic designers, and web developers.

What many fail to consider is how vital brand guidelines are to their content plans. For example, if your content brand guidelines and voice aim to be educational, dynamic, and creative, your team can create content that is both fun and engaging. Members of the team should be able to make decisions as they fulfill the content needs without the fear of veering off course because the specifics were unclear.

These guidelines need to be consistent across all your content distribution channels.

As a PPC company, if you visit any of our online media, across all of our platforms, you can learn about our experience with PPC and all the critical data we’ve collected in the industry. Our content reflects our eagerness to teach anyone about PPC and how we use our materials to support beginners or seasoned strategists.

Building a content marketing strategy takes time. A good plan will communicate who you are, what you do, and how you run your business.

In order to effectively communicate this type of messaging, every team will need to test different methods. Through careful evaluations like this, you can develop a content strategy that leads to organic conversations that benefit your clients and address their pain points.

What’s in a Content Plan?

When you have a strategy in place, it makes it easier (and more enjoyable) to create a monthly content plan. This system generates a flow between topics over the weeks and allows your team to monitor performance metrics.

Your team should plan your content every month. Elements to consider when structuring and planning are: KPIs, target audiences, keyword strategy, products and services, content type, and distribution channels.

Marketing Content Plan

Managing Ideas

Regularly meeting with your team is essential to create good and consistent content. Rapport and friendliness allow ideas and solutions to flow naturally among members. Coordinating monthly meetings with your content team serves as an opportunity to brainstorm relevant industry topics that can help solve ongoing client issues or discover insights for the future.

Communicating these ideas will help your clients feel like you are striving to support their business, satisfy their appetite for information, and bring you closer to your goals.

For example, at White Shark Media, PPC strategists and Strategic Account Managers collaborate with our marketing team every month to enrich our content with real-life scenarios and provide technical support.

Tools for Monitoring Results & Optimizing Performance

Google Analytics: Use Google Analytics to measure organic traffic, discover the sources of the traffic, and monitor campaign performance.

Salesforce: Dashboards on Salesforce help businesses track organic results while helping to manage online marketing campaigns. This tool allows you to:

  • Analyze the customer journey and the stages at which users convert.
  • Determine which of our customers and prospects visit more platforms, what type of content is more relevant to them, and what content type is the most effective.
  • Encourage customers to take the desired actions.

Compass: Our sales enablement tool, WSM’s Compass, addresses the challenges that content teams face. Compass includes a Sales & Marketing content library with different content types, platforms, and industries that you can leverage for your agency.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more!

The tasks mentioned above take time, but the real difficulty lies in carrying out each of these tasks correctly. Unfortunately, many teams are not up to the task, and the lack of effective team members or roles within the team can compromise the quality of services.

The tools we’ve shared are essential to overcoming those challenges and increasing performance and growth.

Need a little more help? In this video, we will walk you through our content marketing plan from structure to execution. Take it a step further with our latest video post to transform traditional marketing with content that creates valuable connections and educates your audience on the importance of your products and services. Drive more profitable engagement to your business.

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So, this is the foundation of what we do to create our marketing content plan.

Though there are many things to consider in this process, the elements we’ve shared above are essential to achieving your desired results.

Content marketing is an extremely important source for lead generation, and implementing an effective, monthly plan into your strategy prepares your team to create high-quality, engaging content.

Speak to one of our strategists about our sales and marketing collateral library. Get the information you need when you need it!

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