The LinkedIn Ads Advantages That Will Help You Create Highly Targeted Campaigns

Miguel Saballos

2 years ago



Were you aware that LinkedIn has become one of the world’s most popular digital advertising platforms?

In 2019 alone, LinkedIn’s advertising revenue was approximately 920 million U.S. dollars, representing 2/3 of Microsoft’s total advertising revenue.

linkedin ads spending

LinkedIn is the most extensive network for professionals worldwide. People use it to look for jobs, connect with other professionals from the same industry, strengthen professional relationships, and more.

Due to its great reach, functionality, compelling design, and unique advantages, this platform has also shown great potential for business-to-business advertising.

This post will take you deeper into the most relevant LinkedIn Ads Advantages.

Great Ways to Gather Vital Information

Lead-capture forms usually refer to gathering information from your potential customers when they are trying to access a piece of your content—for instance, case studies, ebooks, statistics, and more.

This is a win-win since you get valuable information regarding your target audience while they get value from you through the content or offer you provide in exchange. And well, the best part is that LinkedIn allows you to utilize lead-capture forms without the prospects having to fill out these forms since the information will be auto-filled.

Super Precise Targeting

Did you know that LinkedIn’s targeting is unique? It is the only advertising platform that allows you to target by industry, job title, experience, and aspects related to the users’ professions. Likewise, you can exclude some of those parameters to get highly targeted ads.

Moreover, one of the most accurate ways to get to your target audience is by using email lists. 

And other platforms indeed allow you to use your own email lists; however, LinkedIn offers one great advantage when it comes to this targeting solution which is matching the email addresses in your list to the actual owners.

Anytime you upload a list of email addresses, LinkedIn will make sure to match this information with its own data, making your email list targeting a lot more accurate.

More Accurate Data

One of the main concerns for advertisers when using multiple platforms is data management, meaning how data is collected, processed, and stored. 

LinkedIn ads is way superior in this aspect since this platform does not rely on third-party data collected from across the internet; instead, LinkedIn leans on data that has been provided by the users, which is way more reliable and safe.

Diverse Ad Formats

Depending on the network you are using, your target audience, and your goal, you might need to use a specific ad format. So, you need to prioritize that you have multiple ad format options at hand.

LinkedIn ads offer a wide variety of ad formats to choose from, including single-image ads, carousels, text ads, video ads, and more. Selecting the right ad format ensures that your ad is compelling and attractive to your target audience.

Linkedin Ad Format

How to Get Started?

LinkedIn ads are highly effective in B2B targeting; however, you need to study your market to determine if this is the right solution for you, as there are many other social media platforms with great potential, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Each of these platforms has its advantages, so getting some expert guidance is imperative before choosing one.

You should also remember that having a strong social media presence is not enough! The ideal digital marketing plan should cover multiple fronts, including PPC and SEO. This is something that you might hear from reliable marketers, but if it’s not what you have in mind and you prefer to try one at a time, you might want at least to learn a bit more about these great channels. If this is the case, check out our blog.