3 MarTech Trends For Better Customer Relationships

Antonella Saravia

2 years ago



Let’s face it–computers do many things better than we can. They are faster and can convey our brand through voice, text, and imagery. But of all the MarTech out there, which can help you improve your customer-centric approach for 2022?

As MarTech trends continue to surface, they change how we do things. Below are some current trends that make business operations smoother with their customers.

Personalized Messaging

Personalized marketing, also known as one-to-one or individual marketing, is a marketing strategy by which companies leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualized messages and product offerings to current or prospective customers.

As expected from years back, personalization is flourishing. From chatbots welcoming to you a brand site to site algorithms offering up recommendations just for you, we’re being spoken to, and the truth is, we like it.

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Below are some forms of personalization that you can explore:

  • Personalized emails
  • Personalized landing pages
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Video messaging
  • Social media messaging through automation
  • Content filtering
  • Leverage customer journeys

As technology evolves, so do customers’ expectations interacting with your brand.

Spotify personalized email

Consider the data:

Our strategists recommend these tools to tackle personalization:

The right software is required to use data to tailor messaging that’ll drive online purchases.


Our strategists have discouraged the “set and forget” management style from the start. As a white label PPC company, one of our prospective clients’ common issues is that they believe that the same settings work no matter the season, month, or product.

It’s challenging to juggle the many elements that make up a PPC campaign, so we understand the urge to keep it simple, but it rarely goes well.

However, reporting will help you manage the campaign settings you choose.

This year is a significant one to leverage performance reports with your client regularly.

Why It Matters

At White Shark Media, a key component is tracking our clients’ marketing efforts. We monitor keyword-level call tracking Google Analytics through proprietary reporting software.

google analytics reporting

Now more than ever, marketing is trackable, and spreadsheets are a sound way to review your efforts before adding or removing them to a marketing strategy.

Regular reporting means being fully accountable to all our clients each month. Whether you are interested in Google Shopping or local marketing, your team of specialists helps you identify and reach your business goals.

Monthly reporting helps you (and your clients) understand the process. You can watch as the nature of your account begins to reveal what works or doesn’t.

Our expertise is most apparent when we have that data and know-how to counteract your industry and market performance.


As an agency or business owner, you’ve seen the shift from product to customer. Even as a customer, you’ve probably noticed how you are experiencing customer service. CRM stands for customer relationship management, providing features that enable and support the many interactions that contribute to your customer relationship.

The automation elements used in CRMs allow you to use more data resulting in more informed decisions.

Strategist Cinthya Diaz explains that along with the ability to message and report directly to clients, CRMs serve as a great reminder tool for the steps of the buyers’ funnel, “keeping the strategy very present in the communications and tasks we execute. It also helps us track performance within our team.”

Two top-rated (and powerful) tools are Hubspot and Salesforce.


This free CRM platform helps you engage with customers, manage your sales process, log activity from web traffic to calls, and see everything in one place.


Salesforce is a paid subscription that tracks all customer information and interactions. Preload data, preconfigure processes, and receive online training and guides to the entire experience.

The Year Ahead

Though the last years behind us have been ridden with unprecedented difficulties, technology has provided the tools to face them.

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The Marketing Technology tools above help you perform better and improve your relationship with your customer. All in all, it sounds like your business has everything it needs to knock it out of the park this year.

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