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From Contacts to Contracts: Networking Strategies for Digital Marketing Success

Antonella Saravia

2 weeks ago

Digital marketing agencies thrive on creating connections. Networking strategies are necessary to ensure agency growth and create collaborative opportunities. 

Moreover, conversing with industry colleagues helps you stay updated and ahead of the latest trends and technologies.

Understanding the networking challenges specific to digital marketing agencies is crucial. This post explores practical techniques for leveraging new partnerships and expanding your client base.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn went from a job-hunting site to the go-to platform where marketing professionals connect, share insights, and foster corporate relationships. This platform targets decision-makers precisely, creates impactful campaigns, and tracks results for maximum growth. 

With over 700 million users, the platform is designed to generate opportunities for business-to-business (B2B) marketing and networking. However, like all social media platforms, a mere presence on LinkedIn isn’t enough. 

Businesses must understand how to optimize efforts so that search engines can amplify their reach and connections. 

Here are two ways that you can start leveraging the power of LinkedIn: 

Optimize Your Business Page

As you make connections, you’ll want to highlight your value proposition and business information, which is available on your profile page. Focus on improving these sections first:

  • About Section: Use keywords relevant to your industry throughout the “About” section. This helps LinkedIn understand what your business does and improves your page's visibility in search results.
  • Regular Updates: Post regularly, varying between updates, articles, and announcements. Engaging content increases the chances of your page being discovered by potential business connections.

Optimize Your Profile for Search Engines

Your LinkedIn profile is essentially a personal landing page - and like any webpage, its visibility can be optimized. Start with the basics:

  • Use keywords naturally: Incorporate relevant keywords in your headline, summary, and experiences. 
  • Profile completeness: A comprehensive profile gives LinkedIn's search engine more content to index, improving your visibility and making it easier for a contact to find something you may have in common. 

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Attend Industry Events

Industry events have served businesses long before digital media. Attending conferences, webinars, and workshops is a way of attracting others within the same space.

Here are a few tips from our Relationship Managers.

Identify the Right Events to Attend

Identifying which specific industries align with your agency’s service offerings, client profile, and business goals will be essential. 

Relationship Managers at White Shark Media invest a great deal of time looking for more of the same profiles that have proved to be quality partnerships. 

“Understanding your target audience is crucial for identifying the most suitable events. Knowing your ideal client lets you align with relevant organizations and connect with the appropriate individuals. Cultivating relationships offers numerous advantages for an agency, fostering word-of-mouth promotion and enhancing brand recognition, ultimately driving sales growth. It's vital to gauge the positive impact of such events on your marketing endeavors, recognizing their contribution to the overall journey rather than solely focusing on sales metrics.”

Ana Aragon, Enterprise Marketing Director at White Shark Media, sharing valuable insights

Ana Aragon

White Shark Media

If you venture outside of your niche, keep an open mind. 

Have Objectives

Networking and socializing are all about being natural and having an open mind. But to get the most out of your efforts, you must set a clear objective for your agency. It can be a fun exercise to think of conversation starters rooted in your goals. Here are three objectives that might help you define your own:

  • Gain insight into emerging trends and how agencies are approaching these changes
  • Meeting potential clients 
  • Identify potential collaborators

Craft an Elevator Pitch

“What do you do?” is a primary starter in any conversation, whether you are networking or at a social gathering. Your response should be clear and engaging. 

Here’s an example of what one of our Executives might say:

"Hi, I'm from White Shark Media, a Digital Marketing Agency. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses stand out online through PPC, SEO, and Social Media Ads. Nice to meet you!"

It should communicate who you are, what your agency specializes in, and the value you offer that others can’t. It should also answer the question while opening the floor up for more conversation.

Master the Follow-Up

After meeting new contacts online, in meetings, or at events, always connect on the appropriate platform and follow up. It can be as simple as following someone on LinkedIn or emailing. Building up a conversation will be much easier as you continue engaging with their shares and profiles.

Digital marketing is an expansive field; an excellent networking game can change your business. 

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