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How To Quickly Boost Business With An Off-Season Marketing Strategy

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



How often do consumers think about your brand when you’re not around?

Probably not often, which is what makes your off-season marketing strategy so important.

A constant presence throughout the entire year will enable your business to generate brand awareness. While it’s only natural (and necessary) to focus on displaying ads during your peak seasons for the increased sales potential, these periods are also a time of increased competition, higher costs per click, and over-saturated messaging.

Investing in quieter seasons can help your brand connect with consumers in a cheaper, less-busy time.

Though everybody knows the importance of marketing during the holidays, there are often many confusion, errors, and benefits that a PPC agency will need to address to make the most of seasonal trends.

This blog will review practical ways to combat seasonality, maintain brand awareness, and foster product/service adoption for your audience.

Why is Off-Season Marketing Important for Businesses?

Regardless of industry, every business experiences inevitable jumps and dips in activity throughout the year. Every marketer must have an idea of when and why each occurs. Once that’s clear, it’ll be imperative to have a strategy for each.

Consumer recognition is key to being top of mind. An off-season marketing strategy can carry your clients’ brand a long way. This will later come into play when you want your brand to distinguish itself from the competition during the holidays and promotional periods.

PPC Strategies to Advertise Businesses During the Low Season

The following strategies are three of the most common and useful practices to apply during low seasons for a PPC campaign.

  • Display Advertising: Display ads focus on brand awareness and generating faster conversions through creative ad copy. This format is ideal for longer sale cycles like luxury products and niche markets where individuals are slowly swayed down the buyer’s journey.

Display Ads - Off-Season Marketing Strategy

  • Search Advertising: Search ads allow more controlled management of campaigns and audience targeting. Ideal for in-the-moment or urgent purchases, these ads allow your business to focus on local markets and convert quickly.

Search Ads

  • YouTube Ads: Video ads deliver highly engaging content to your ideal audience. These varied formats draw in a broader customer base and connect you with subscribers and viewers as you communicate your value proposition and selected messaging in every video.

YouTube Ads

Other Marketing Strategies That Can Help Create an Omnichannel Strategy

Mixing marketing vehicles can help reiterate your message in different ways. Coupling your PPC efforts with other off-season marketing strategies can accelerate brand awareness and lead generation and reveal the most effective formats to connect with the ideal audience.

Here are some other marketing channels to consider:

  • Social media marketing: Facebook, Instagram ads
  • Content marketing or blogging (Content SEO)
  • Creating downloadable content like e-books
  • Improving your online review rate on local listings such as Google My Business or Bing Places

How to Set Up Bing Places For Local Businesses

Pairing strategies can seem overwhelming. If you’re eager to strengthen your off-season marketing strategy while providing PPC, reach out to one of our account managers to learn more about how White Label PPC services can guide your agency to adopt the strategy and campaigns for seasonal accounts.

Continue Marketing During Low Seasons: Making the Most of Your Seasonal Slump

When search activity is running dry, the initial instinct is to shut down all paid search efforts until the high season approaches.

Our PPC strategists encourage our clients to leverage PPC tools to raise brand awareness and pump up their remarketing lists even in (or maybe especially in) the drier seasons.

Getting Support for Your Off-Season Marketing Strategy

Off-season marketing requires out-of-the-box thinking. Common PPC strategies won’t cut it–most campaigns will need expert guidance to apply innovative techniques.

One of our healthcare clients benefited from PPC expertise when they experienced a drop in leads during the summertime. Our strategists noted how the dynamics of a home change in the summer–the kids are out of school, and the parents turn into chefs, nurses, playmates, and chauffeurs.

All of those activities put a lot of unaccustomed stress on the body.

Displaying ads to people who suffer summer pains and needing a chiropractor would benefit both parents with unexpected aches and open up new medical field opportunities.


As we’ve mentioned time and time again, every brand must maintain a constant presence to stay top of mind. Maintaining this level of marketing during the low seasons can contribute significantly to your performance later on, resulting in increased sales.

When seasonal buying trends spike, you can also expect increased competition, higher costs per click, and saturated messaging. So, investing in PPC Agency services during the quieter seasons can help your brand connect with consumers more cost-effectively.

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