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Digital Marketing Decoded: Your Burning Questions Answered by Leading Agencies

Antonella Saravia

2 months ago

We relish answering questions because it builds trust with our clients. At the beginning of a white-label partnership, marketing leaders want to know as much as possible about what they can expect and get them excited.

If you want to add white-label services to your business, this post answers digital marketing FAQs. Share this post with your team as a friendly resource when addressing client concerns.

When will you first see results with Pay-Per-Click services?

The short answer is 90 days. Below is a breakdown of why:

  • Month 1: The primary focus for the first 30 days is gathering data.
  • Month 2: With a better understanding of your campaigns, strategists and account managers can start filtering out what isn’t working and making tweaks to boost performance. 
  • Month 3: Changes from Month 2 will be reflected in Month 3. Quality results such as conversions or transactions begin to surface. Additionally, your campaigns will start to see an increase in qualified leads.

How does my Pay-Per-Click budget impact my performance?

Considering the previous timeline, it’s essential to note that your budget can delay the course. Here are two examples to help you understand why this is so.

Example 1: Businesses with a Budget of $1,000

Let’s consider you have a new client interested in PPC campaigns to create brand awareness for their new jewelry line. 

They want to invest $1,000 in paid ads and don’t have previous campaign data to work with. Our team will have to start from scratch, and it will look much like the 3-month process we shared in the last example.

Your client wants to conquer the US, but our strategist will recommend focusing on a small city like St. Augustine, FL, which better uses their budget. Bigger cities are more expensive, resulting in less impact. Small wins will benefit your account and show progress.

Once the return is there and data provides new opportunities, it’s an excellent time to expand into other locations.

Example 2: Businesses with a Budget of $5,000 or More

Businesses with larger budgets can launch more aggressive campaigns. 

Here's an example from our portfolio. SVP Worldwide is one of the world's largest consumer sewing machine companies, serving over 190 countries. They struggled with big competition from other retailers and hoped to reach consistent weekly sales through PPC campaigns.

Their budget permitted a more aggressive and detailed approach to their PPC strategy, which included the following:

  • Starting branded strategy to prioritize conversion rate traffic and boost conversions.
  • Adding a seasonal campaign approach to increase the budget during the holiday season.
  • Leveraging Performance Max campaigns to take advantage of Google's algorithm.
  • Implementing a Shopping & Search strategy blend to maximize campaign performance.
  • Structuring and segmenting campaigns by product groups in different categories to improve budget management and prevent overlap in traffic.

In just a few months, our team was able to achieve a vast improvement across SVP campaigns: 

  • Impressions grew by 103%
  •  Maximized Conversions by 516%
  • Lowered CPA by 74%
  •  Incremented Conversion rate by 426%
SVP campaigns Results

Does SEO work? 

Yes, SEO works, and it will surprise you!

A recent Forbes article states that organic clicks accounted for 45.1% of all search results, proving users rely on organic search results.

Comprehensive strategies, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, boost your client’s online presence and drive sustainable long-term growth. 

At White Shark Media, our process includes the following steps to ensure success:

SEO methodology

We often see business owners cut SEO because they need to understand the results. Communicating to clients that SEO is a long-term strategy and setting expectations is critical to preventing misunderstandings. 

Furthermore, SEO is a great sidekick to other efforts. Pairing organic (SEO) with paid (PPC) increases results, boosting lead quality and volume.

Improving your SEO will increase visibility, but it will only get you far with quality content and a proper marketing strategy. 

Why don’t white-label agencies provide quotes over email?

Everyone is eager to determine pricing and packages, but discovery calls are essential to quoting.

Digital marketing agency clients often come to us for one kind of support and leave with another. This pivoting happens because discovery calls allow our strategists to (1) clarify the benefits of tools and services and (2) hear out the challenges that they are facing.

Only after do we assemble a package (and quote) that works for you.


In today’s market, a white-label partnership offers a broad range of services and tools that can accelerate performance. However, the key to reaping the benefits of a white-label partnership is understanding the services and how you can benefit from them. 

Click here to request a conversation with one of our strategists. We’ll match your objectives and needs with the right services.