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6 Remarketing Benefits for Ecommerce from an AdWords Pro

Ana Lucia Morales

10 years ago



After you have reached a healthy and profitable Search campaign, you should look for other alternatives to expand your marketing

You might be thinking, well I’m already doing great with my AdWords campaign, why risk it all with another campaign that might not work?

Well, the simple answer is that to earn money, you need to spend money.

Remarketing is an amazing marketing tactic that allows you to show ads to previous users who have visited your website in the past.

Depending on your buying cycle, you can choose to show your ads between 5 and 540 days.

To learn more about the basics of Remarketing, I recommend my colleague’s blog post about remarketing for beginners.

For more advanced strategies our co-founder, Andrew Lolk wrote a great post on Search Engine Journal about Effective AdWords Remarketing Tactics for The Advanced Advertiser.

To be able to create Remarketing campaigns you need to place a simple code on your website. This code will allow you to place a cookie in your visitors’ browser that will allow your ads to show specifically when these people visit other websites.

If you want to be more advanced, you can choose to place specific codes (create separate lists) for different parts of your website. For example, you can target all visitors who have put products in your shopping cart but left your site without buying anything.

If you insert a code on your checkout page and create a campaign you can target these highly motivated users.

To get you inspired to start with Remarketing campaigns, I have gathered the 6 biggest benefits from running Remarketing campaigns.

1. It's Ideal for Your Ecommerce Business

A remarketing campaign is a natural step following a Search campaign and a Google Shopping campaign.

Remarketing is an effective way of targeting customers that haven’t yet completed the desired action. Remarketing is effective because it combines regular advertising with an added layer of relevance.

With a regular AdWords campaign, you advertise on relevant websites or use keywords that are relevant for your business, but you don’t really know anything about the users you’re targeting. With Remarketing you have the added information that the user knows who you are.

Imagine having a customized message targeted for the user that just left your website, this user is probably not convinced (yet) and surfing on the net. But, with this ad, you are keeping your former visitors engaged with your brand and can entice them to purchase with a promotion code or try other means of re-engaging them.

2. 70% of People Abandon Their Shopping Cart

The first time I saw this stat, I was quite surprised. But then I started thinking about how I purchase products online myself and realized that it wasn’t that surprising.

I’m not an expert on Shopping Cart abandonment, but I think the following quote from the guys at is spot on:

“When you’re looking at all of the abandoned orders, it’s easy to imagine that customers leave their shopping carts simply because they changed their mind at the last minute. But digging in, you find that’s simply not the case.”

For more information on Shopping cart abandonment, read this post by Tommy Walker: “Shopping Cart Abandonment: Why It Happens & How To Recover Baskets Of Money”.

In fact, people abandon their shopping carts mainly because of unexpected costs. One of the biggest reasons for shopping cart abandonment is that the shipping costs were too high. Trying to target your shopping cart abandoners with free shipping or a coupon to save some dollars might work very well if your margins allow it.

The second reason is that people are browsing the Internet. These people are also called couch-surfers.

Finally, people love comparing prices. They click on one ad, and then they go to the next one to compare and see what product benefits them more.

3. Importance of Reach & Depth of Remarketing

Remarketing is a perfect way to be on the top of the mind of your customers, reminding them that you are there. It gives you the chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailored messages.

Branding yourself is a big plus for Remarketing. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition in the minds of your customers. Brand recognition is vital to raise awareness and visibility of your product or service.

These are people that have already been to your website and know what they want. It increases campaign relevancy by simply targeting your demographic more effectively and with a more articulate message. Through the use of the Google Display Network, you have the ability to reach out to millions of unique Internet users across the world.


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In my experience, I’ve seen tremendous success with Remarketing campaigns. The conversion rate is higher and it usually has a lower Cost Per Click.

4. Expand to Dynamic Remarketing

With Dynamic Remarketing, AdWords uses your Product ID to get the product, name, and title from your Google Shopping Feed and it includes it in your Dynamic Remarketing ad:


As an example, a searcher visits your dress store, then she browses through all the different colors (red, blue, and then green) and she leaves your website. She continues browsing other websites within the Google Display Network. A few minutes after, a tailored message of the green, red, and blue dress will come up.

Beautiful, right? I mean, you already know the products that a person liked! It’s definitely a bit stalkerish – but I love the way Google AdWords implemented this Dynamic Remarketing and we have seen great results with it at White Shark Media.

You don’t need to have a Webmaster to create the banner ads; Google already gives you the advantage of giving you predefined ads that you’re able to personalize with the style and elements of your brand. You can customize the color, buttons, and background image as well!

Remember, customers will see unique ads based on their visit to your website and on how close they got to purchase a product.


5. Measure Your Results and Optimize for Better Visibility in the GDN

One of the keys to having successful Remarketing campaigns is to optimize them. As with everything within AdWords, set-and-forget is not an option:

  • Increase or decrease your bidding for specific placements, audiences, and other targeting options.
  • Create new ads to increase CTR, Conversion Rates, and overall profitability.
  • Exclude products from your Dynamic Remarketing campaigns that are not worth advertising.

This will help you obtain better visibility in the Google Display Network, keep a healthy CTR, and stay within your budget. Another way to track is by using promotion codes on your ad. Several of my clients do this to see if people are engaging with their ads beyond the direct engagement that you can track via AdWords.

6. Different Types of Creatives with Remarketing: Use Text or Image Ads

Remarketing campaigns allow you to use several different types of creatives:

  •        Static images
  •        Animated images
  •        Videos
  •        Traditional text ads

I prefer using both text and image ads together because you can use them in different sizes that you may need. A big portion of the websites in the Google Display Network doesn’t allow the use of banner ads. If you only rely on banner ads, you will lose out on a lot of added exposure.

Make sure that you include both text ads and image ads in order to maximize your exposure and possible ROI.

I even see that text ads will convert better than an image ad on some occasions. But you’ll never know unless you try it out!


Don’t Get Stuck in Standard Mode, Let Your Business Grow


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A good strategy is to start off building your Google Search campaign, optimize it until you’re satisfied with your returns, and then expand onto other sources like Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing. The great part about this is that Remarketing works for all funnels; awareness, research, interest, and purchase. It can dramatically improve your ROI for your marketing dollars spent.

If you haven’t heard of Remarketing campaigns just yet, it’s time for you to get up to speed, because you’re missing out on potential relevant traffic to bring back to your website. Sometimes one visit isn’t enough. With remarketing you have another chance to close the deal.


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