Boost PPC Marketing with Facebook Ads

Tania Moreno

3 years ago



Facebook is one of the most vital social media platforms. In the last decade, it has also become one of the most popular traffic sources to websites. Facebook advertising helps businesses increase brand awareness, traffic to the website, or boost sales.

A content calendar and strategy can benefit your business immensely, but relying solely on organic efforts will make it harder to reach your target audience.

Facebook advertising is instrumental for every business to boost their brand, target and reach an audience, and improve sales.

For example, “Facebook audiences allow advertisers to experiment with adjustments and budgets to fine-tune their campaigns and reach their target market. This feature gives you a lot of control over your ad target, so you can approach different awareness levels and address people in each stage in the marketing funnel (awareness, consideration, or conversion).”

Are you concerned about not getting enough exposure on social media? Have you plateaued with followers, engagement, or conversion rates? If you want to boost social media accounts, it’s time to upgrade your Facebook advertising in 2022, and this is where you can begin.

Formats Diversity

The Facebook platform offers a wide variety of ad formats and placements to support your marketing strategy.

Here, you will have many opportunities to stand out over your competitors with the creative freedom for the ad copies and design.

Facebook Carousel Ads

You’ll be able to showcase from 1 to up to 10 images. Additionally, you can also add videos to create a holistic message for your audience.

If you are looking for a quick setup for campaigns, you can use Single Images. Separately, to showcase different services or products with Carousel Ads, we recommend that you use at least two formats in your campaigns for the same ad. This comparison exercise is known as A/B testing purposes, and it helps identify which one is more beneficial for your business.

Formats that will stand out this 2022

There are many different formats for advertisers. We know that having so many options makes choosing them all the more difficult. In the interest of helping you get your feet wet, the following formats are currently trending for boosting online presence.

Facebook Lives

Every day users watch approximately 100 million hours of video on Facebook. Lives are following. This format helps you increase brand awareness, better determine customer intent, and boost engagement leading to a purchase.

Video Ads

Facebook video ads

In the last two years, we have seen that TikTok has changed the way users view content. Our audiences now prefer more dynamic and faster content. This learning indicates that video ads on Facebook and Instagram are a must this 2022.

Facebook has a massive audience for videos. Therefore, this type of ad on the platform has become popular in the past years. Videos are projected to be 82% of internet traffic.

Facebook watch

Video ads allow you to capture the users’ attention quickly with visuals and sound.

This format allows for many creative opportunities. You can upload a testimonial in your remarketing campaign, show off your top-selling products, or introduce your brand’s story in different ways.

Also, you can take advantage of Instagram Reels, a new popular feature placement for Facebook Ads.

So, if you haven’t run any Video Ads in the past, 2022 is a time to test them and increase your engagement rate.

But, what happens when you don’t have a creative team or the resources to create a high-quality video for your campaigns? You can always rely on video slides. When setting up your ad, you can create a video inside Facebook with images that you already have or upload new visuals for this format.

Stories Format

Facebook has more than 4 million advertisers using Stories ads every month and has over 1 billion stories shared daily. Businesses use this format to express and boost the creativity of their brand.

Stories make messages easier to understand and ads faster to showcase. Story ads make full use of the mobile screens, offering businesses an immersive, distraction-less canvas.

Take advantage that these ads inspire interest and action in the customer journey. Create custom audiences based on the engagement and data accrued from your Stories formats.


Facebook advertising can be a facilitator to grow your business in 2022. You can boost your ads and out-perform your competitors by trying new formats.

If you don’t know where to start or want to learn more about how Facebook ads grow your business, we have the Begginer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising available on our Youtube Channel!

Also, you can always feel free to reach out to our team for a complimentary consultation.