3 Must-Try PPC Exercises For Franchises

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As a franchise owner, you are aware that your business is not similar to that of regular business. A central office usually determines marketing strategies. Franchises then distribute their it to a line of venues in different markets.

The different markets are what makes PPC is an integral part of a franchise’s strategy. PPC allows for a dual approach to marketing efforts; it will enable the brand to have an online presence while still permitting local relevance. That said, below are some of the practices that franchises can benefit from when creating their PPC campaigns.

1. Localized Keywords

Because there are so many locations involved in a franchise, it’s essential for there to be a central identity. This is why a clear message is provided to local venues (by corporate) to ensure that everyone is on-brand, and it meets company guidelines (slogan, colors, language, etc.).

This is where the generalizations should end. Once that’s done, PPC should be leveraged to use local references and their specific city. Generic keywords are a PPC challenge for franchises. Using local keywords has various benefits:

  • Eye-catching
  • It allows the user to reference your venue
  • Reduce competition, resulting in lower bids

Let’s use the following example to highlight the importance of localized keywords. Let’s say you have several clinics in the Florida area. You can assign keywords to the various areas where your venues are located. Aside from informing users of their nearness to your services, you can also prioritize locations. Depending on availability and meeting your business goals, you may want to use PPC to push one location over another.

2. Optimizing for Each Location

You’re juggling several campaigns at once. You’re now aware that each of these campaigns has its own life as they will have their own challenges when they arise. This happens because different elements come into play in each market.  

It only makes sense that investing in a PPC strategy for a franchise would be different. 

You’ll have a better understanding of how to optimize each campaign for each location. Each PPC campaign has a life of its own and its vital to understand how to combat the challenges that arise for each. Now, consider juggling several of these campaigns at once. This includes market research, analysis, campaign structure, and goal set up by region. It’s a handful, which is why many franchises work with agencies like White Shark Media. It’s what we do, so you don’t have to.

3. Define Your Goals

It’s difficult to define a goal for a PPC account with over 10+ locations. Let’s say that you own a wine shop franchise in Southern Florida. Let’s assume that your ultimate goal is to have each of your stores perform equally. Of course, you will want each of these to perform well in terms of CTRs and conversions, but it is difficult to optimize on campaigns that may inevitably overlap with each other. 

To combat this, you will need to define a goal for each of your campaigns, assign generic words, use localized keywords, and identify negative words. You can also leverage the differences between each location. For example, if one of your shops offers an exclusive be sure to push that item in your PPC campaign and keywords. 

Another thing to do is analyze the time frames of well performing campaigns (days, times, etc.). Managing each of the locations and analyzing performance separately can clue you in on how to optimize for each.

Overall, it’s essential to have a clear message across franchise locations. However, PPC campaigns allow you to recognize that each of these locations may require a different set of elements for each of the relevant markets. Stay tuned to learn more about PPC practices across franchises. Don’t miss any of our updates by subscribing to our blog.


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Author: Antonella Saravia

Antonella Saravia

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