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36 AdWords Ad Templates For Your Local Business

White Shark Media

9 years ago



In previous blog posts, I have shown you how to write the best possible headline for your AdWords ads. I also covered how to structure your description for maximum conversions.

Today, we will take it a step further and provide you with specific ad templates you can use in your Google Ads account.

Just change the service and other sensitive details in the ad, and you can run it afterward. All the ads are written with best practices in mind, and all follow principles that we use daily in White Shark Media to provide the best possible AdWords results for our clients.

Ad Writing Principles

All ads are built up around the same principles. You never know what will appeal the best to your audience before you try it, so it’s important that you try different ads.

adwords-ad-template-01You might think the discount you’re offering this holiday season is the one that will attract the right visitor and convert him. However, it might be that he’s more interested in fast shipping, free gift-wrapping, or something I’m not even thinking about right now.

Yes, we can start out with what we assume to have the highest conversion rate, but we are not always right. Therefore, after you implement the ad templates from this blog post, I recommend that you visit our infographic that shows 71 ad tests you can try in your AdWords campaign.

How to Use the Templates

Below you can find the 36 ad templates. Replace the service/product in the ad with your own and voila – you have a new ad.

In some cases, you will have to change one or two more words to make it fit, but the idea isn’t to give you generic templates. The idea behind the templates is to give you examples and blueprints that you can follow to create highly specific ads for your company. Keep in mind, that all businesses are different and what works for one company may not work for you.

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