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How Many Ads Should I Have Per Ad Group? – Shark Tip [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



Our answer? It depends.

AdWords is an advanced and complex system. In general, there is not one answer for any aspect of the platform. It all depends on what is right for your particular business. In this Shark Tip, Ximena tells us the actions we should be able to do with the number of ads per ad group. As long as you’re able to do these you are golden!

Video Transcription

There’s no fixed number of ads that you need to have in an ad group. The bottom line is you need to build your campaigns to be logical and manageable. If you can do the following with the number of ads in your ad groups, then you’re doing it right.

1) You’re able to rotate your ads.

It is a good idea not to show the same ad to the same customer every single time. Remember, there is a reason why they didn’t convert the first time.

2) You can perform A/B testing on your ads.

Having multiple ads in the same ad group allows for Google to display various ads, and therefore find the best performing one.

3) You can use keyword variations.

You should create different ads that are similar, but use a different variation of a keyword. You can create different ad types. You can have image ads, dynamic search ads, display ads.