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The Five Best Tools for Advanced AdWords Advertisers – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

9 years ago



In this Shark Bite, Andrew introduces the five best tools for advanced AdWords advertisers. With these tools you will be able to work
better and faster, therefore making a bigger impact in each optimization.

We are all looking to become better at what we do. But at one point in time we need to acknowledge that it is possible for a machine to do a better job, no matter how good you are at that particular task.

He specifically recommends the following tools:


Thanks for watching this Shark Bite, we hope you found it useful. See you next time!

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Andrew Lolk and today we’ll be talking about five advanced AdWords tools that will help you work faster and better with AdWords.

Track Your Calls

The first tool you need to look at is to install call tracking. Call tracking will enable you to track phone calls as if they were conversions in your AdWords account. A good rule of thumb is that if more than 20 percent of your leads are coming from phone calls, then you should definitely have call tracking.

Unfortunately, call tracking inside Google AdWords isn’t that developed yet. There’s definitely a way to do it inside AdWords, but it’s not where you want it to be as an advertiser. So I usually look for one of the three top vendors that we have for call tracking and the ones that I typically recommend are: Convirza, CallRail or DialogTech.

Perform Competitive Research

My second tool recommendation is to look into these competitive research tools. There are millions of ways to do competitive research, but looking into a tool that will tell you exactly what ads and what keywords your competitors are using is very important for you to actually expand your existing AdWords campaigns.

One of the most important takeaways from these tools is that they can help you find out how a long a keyword or ad has been running and that will give you an idea of how successful that ad or keyword is for a competitor. There’s a lot of different competitor resource tools out there but there are three I can really recommend: there’s SemRush, there’s SpyFu and there’s iSpionage.

Use Data Feed Watch for E-Commerce Campaigns

My third recommendation is if you work with e-commerce, if you have shopping campaigns, then Data Feed Watch will be your best tool ever. Data Feed Watch allows you to rewrite your titles in bulk, split your products out based on attributes like size and color and manually write in any important information in your feed wherever you need it to be.

I’ve tried many different data feed optimization tools out there and some of them are either old-looking, or they are very hard to work with or it takes forever to get started with them. Data Feed Watch is easy to use, it will show you the most important things you have to do and it just works. And the support is absolutely amazing.

Perform Your Tasks Faster With Optmyzr

My fourth recommendation is Optmyzr. Optmyzr joins this new type of tool that doesn’t really try to take over your entire AdWords account when optimizing it but just helps you do specific tasks that you can do better if you have a tool.

Of the most useful tools in the Optmyzr portfolio, you’ll be able to find stuff like a quality score tracker, One-Click Optimizations, shopping campaign bid optimization, and Shopping Campaign Grouper. Where Optmyzr really comes in handy is for in-house AdWords advertisers who are looking to find ways to work faster and make a bigger impact with each of their optimizations.

Do Some Ad Testing with AdAlysis

My fifth recommendation is AdAlysis. AdAlysis is one of my favorite AdWords tools and it allows you to perform ad tests in your account through a useful interface. AdAlysis allows you to still work on the creative part but automate all the tedious aspects of ad testing that a machine can do much better. Some of the things you can do with adAlysis are, for instance, you can review ad tests one by one instead of jumping from ad group to ad group manually.

You can also automatically compare ads to each other, only using the date ranges that apply to both. You can choose between a ton of different metrics and you can automate your ad tests by setting up an ad testing queue. All in all, adAlysis has helped me work faster and better with ad testing in AdWords.