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6 Tips to Make Your AdWords Ads Description Lines Stand Out – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

9 years ago



In this Shark Bite, Andrew gives advice on creating effective description lines for your Google AdWords ads.

While headlines are meant to grab attention, description lines should attract the right audience and prevent any irrelevant clicks. For this reason, you should put more thought into writing your description lines.

Remember your main goal when creating ads is to stand out from your competitors and drive your potential customers towards making a conversion. Apply Andrew’s tips while crafting your ads and get one step closer to closing those deals!

Thanks for watching, I hope you found these tips useful. See you next time!

Video Transcription

Hi, everybody. I’m Andrew Lolk and today we’ll talk about how to make your description lines in AdWords stand out from the bunch.

The following tips have been dissected from thousands of effective AdWords ads that were run on a daily basis in White Shark Media.

Use Numbers to Grab Attention

The first tip I want to talk about is how numbers can help your ads stand out incredibly well. We all love statistics, figures, and numbers so using stuff in your ads like pricing from $99 a month or more than 31 years of experience is definitely the way to go.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

The second tip I have is to showcase anything that’s unique about your business. So if you’re licensed, if you’re insured, anything of that nature, put it in your ads.

Gain Credibility

My third tip is to use any recognition, awards, or certifications that you might have been granted so that you can gain more credibility from your potential clients.

Give Your Ads Power with Social Proof

Sometimes social proof can have such a powerful impact on your ads. My fourth tip is, therefore, that you use the social proof and it can be anything from that you’ve been endorsed by a local celebrity or big celebrity. It can be that you’ve been on Shark Tank. It can be As Seen on TV. It can be your BBB rating. Anything of that nature will have a very positive influence on your ad performance in AdWords helping you to stand out better.

Take Advantage of Promotions

My fifth tip is that you don’t underestimate the value of the good promotion. It can be stuff like 50% or $10 off your first purchase. Whatever you find it can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal.

Always Try to Drive Action

My sixth tip is that you always, always, always use a call to action in your AdWords ads. Your call to action is what you use in order to tell your audience what they need to do when they come to your website. It could be everything from the book online, to schedule your appointment, buy now, call us, whatever it is just make sure that your call to action matches what you want them to do on your website.

If you like this video remember to check out my blog post on how to write description lines for AdWords. It’s on the blog at Other than that, I’ll see you next time for our next video.

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