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Is AdWords Express Hurting Your Business? – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



AdWords Express is Google’s attempt to try to simplify AdWords for smaller advertisers. It is one of the many options available to assist you in your AdWords journey.

However, it can be daunting to decide whether or not you should consider it for your particular business.

Fret no more, White Shark Media has your back. For this Shark Bite, we’ve decided to compile a review of AdWords Express. See for yourself the pro’s and con’s of this automated platform.

We hope you enjoyed this Shark Bite, if you would like to learn more about AdWords Express, read this blog post by Andrew. See you next time!

Video Transcription

Hi everybody my name is Ximena and today we are going to talk about whether AdWords Express is helpful or harmful for your business. First, let’s look at the ways you would think that AdWords Express is good for you.

The Pro’s

Number one: AdWords Express does all the work. All you have to do is select your business category write a random ad and then set a budget. The platform will automatically select the specific keywords that you would show for.

Second of all you don’t even need a website. You can get started with a Google My Business page and you will only pay for what you will get in return. For example, when somebody clicks your ad, gives you a call or does any of the required actions.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?! However there are a couple of reasons why you may think twice before signing up with AdWords Express.

The Con’s

The first one is also a benefit which is that it’s automatic. This is a blessing and a curse. When Google automatically chooses the keywords for your business based on a whole business category, you will definitely appear for searches that are not relevant for your specific selling proposal.

For example, I know a variety of companies that are in the same industry that perform different type of services. Take plumbers – some might be focused on pipe repairs and others on repairing fridges. So you see, it is the same industry but the service will vary.

The second reason is that you can’t track anything and without tracking, you can’t know whether or not it’s working.

Final Piece of Advice

As a final word of advice if you have a budget of $500 or more I would recommend you would go to an AdWords agency or take a course of AdWords management. However, if you’re spending $500 or less a month I would actually recommend that you stick with AdWords Express.

So that’s my advice to you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in our comments section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog. See you next time!