What is AdWords Quality Score and How Do I Improve it? [Video]

White Shark Media

13 years ago



One of the key aspects of Google AdWords advertising is the Quality Score factor. A lot of advertisers are still in the dark about what exactly Quality Score is and how it affects them.

Through this video, we’ll show you exactly what Quality Score is and why it’s so important to thoroughly understand it.

I’ve explained Quality Score to a lot of different people over the years. One of the best ways to explain how Quality Score affects your AdWords account is to be visual about it.

Chief Google Economist Hal Varian has created the best online explanation of Google AdWords Quality Score and of the AdWords auction that I’ve ever seen.

Even if you’re a seasoned veteran or a self-proclaimed guru, I strongly recommend you watching it. It explains the concept in depth and how it all works together in creating the world’s best search engine.

Without further ado: