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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to AdWords Remarketing

White Shark Media

9 years ago



Advertising in AdWords gives you the opportunity to test many different strategies depending on your industry. Remarketing is one of remarketingthe strategies you should try.

Digital marketing is evolving, so everything comes down to who shows more often, and who shows the most relevant and appealing content.

Remarketing will allow you to increase your visibility on the display network, following specific visitors according to your desired goals.

If you’re not a big fan of the display network, remarketing will change your mind in terms of results. Showing on the display network based on similar interest groups and running a remarketing campaign targeting a specific audience can be remarkable.

With remarketing, you will only show to people who are already aware of your product or service. Your banners or text ads will become a small reminder that your product is still there, generating higher opportunities for closing a sale.

Build Your Remarketing Lists

Once you’ve defined your target audience, you can start creating your remarketing lists. It’s very important for you to have clear, measurable goals when defining the segment you wish to reach.

You can direct your message to:

  1. All your website visitors
  2. Visitors of specific content within your website
  3. Visitors who abandoned shopping carts
  4. Visitors within a certain time period after they visited your website

Remember, each of these visitors is in different parts of the buying funnel, so that’s why it’s important for you to have a direction from the very beginning. Yes, you can also test different lists, but it’s always good to get started with something solid based on the results you’re expecting to get.

When creating new remarketing lists, you may simply go to the shared library, and then right to audiences. Once you click on adding a remarketing list, it will automatically generate an all visitors list covering the last 30 days.

google ads remarketing

You may also create specific lists based on a longer time period or even specific visitors from specific landing pages.

Dynamic remarketing for shopping would work a little bit differently since the number of lists generated automatically is a little bit wider, and so is the data being collected.

google adwords remarketing

Once your lists have been defined you will need to make sure the remarketing tag provided is appropriately installed on the footer of the page that you wish to work with. This, of course, will depend on whether you’re targeting all visitors or if you’re targeting specific landing pages.

If you want to learn more about how to set up dynamic remarketing check out the following blog:

Get Creative: Develop the Best Ad Strategy to Reach Your Desired Audience

Let’s move on to my favorite part. I don’t know about you, but the creative design is something I love. Especially since you get to do a lot of brainstorming, and you can come up with amazing ideas to promote your services or products.

Something very important to highlight when creating ads, don’t try to outshine your competitors by saying “the lowest pricing” or “we match competitors pricing.” Come up with something they’re not offering. At the end of the day each business is unique, so take advantage of that, and create a message that will be convincing enough for people to click on your ads.

If  you want to create your own banners there are two great tools you should try:

  • Canva offers several design options for free, as well as some that are paid but are not too pricey

  • AdWords ad gallery mirrors the content of your website and offers a wide selection of predefined templates where you can add a message of your own

If you’ll be working along with a designer you will always want to consider the following:

  • Format of the images according to your designer’s needs (JPG, PNG, etc.)

  • Resolution of the images; always higher larger than 640X480, so they can manipulate the image without having issues with any distortions if they need to make them bigger or smaller

  • Brand alignments such as colors, positioning of your logo, disclaimers, etc.

Last, but not least, your CTA buttons should be short, but catchy. Your CTA will be built based on the action that you wish your audience to perform. For example: Buy Now, Book Today, Call Now, etc.

Maximize Your Budget: Test Different Bidding Strategies Based on Your Audience Response

Now let’s move on to the diagnosis phase. Once you’ve gathered enough data, you can start making adjustments to make sure your budget is being spent wisely.

  • Bid higher on the lists where you have a larger audience

  • Bid higher on the locations where you’re getting a better response

  • Perform bid adjustments on the top-performing day of the week

  • Perform bid adjustments on top-performing hours of the day

  • Exclude irrelevant placements to eliminate undesired traffic

  • Reduce your segment (age, gender, parental status) to the ones generating better results

Pro tip: Make sure you always monitor the changes you’re making, so you can analyze the behavior of your campaign after the changes are being implemented. Once again, you may perform as much testing as you want, but everything falls down to the same thing “what results am I expecting to get”, and “are these changes helping me to get closer to my goal”.

Measure Your Results: Metrics to Take into Consideration When Determining Effectiveness

There are important metrics to take into consideration when monitoring your remarketing campaign performance that may be slightly different from a regular search campaign.

View Through Conversions vs. Regular Conversions

View-through conversions happen when someone viewed your ad without actually clicking on it, and regular conversions are those when someone clicked on the ads and then completed an action.

Higher CTR Will Result in a Lower CPC

In another instance, you will notice how having a higher CTR will incur a lower CPC. It is true that CTR tends to be low for these types of strategies, but that’s definitely something you want to work towards to since you don’t want your CPCs to get higher.

Test Text Ads and Banner Ads Performance Separately

One of the best practices we’ve discovered is testing text ads and banner ads performance separately. By having both approaches in individual ad groups you will be able to work different bidding strategies based on the ones that prove to have the best conversion rates.

Stay on Top of Your Competitors

Last but not least, you want to make sure you stay on top of your competitors. Stay informed on what they’re promoting, if they have any specials going on etc. This will help you keep your ads fresh, and you can make adjustments as you find them necessary.

Don’t Be Afraid of Testing

Be prepared to make constant changes to adjust to your audience response. Take advantage of your specials, best-selling products, services that your clients have had a better response to (bookings, appointments, etc.), and create new content around that.

Don’t be afraid of testing new things, instead embrace the fact that you actually get the opportunity to do so. It is true that the search network has proven to be very effective, but you need to realize there will always be room for expansion with new strategies like remarketing that can truly make a difference in your ROI.

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