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Find Profitable Keywords in Google Analytics for your AdWords Campaigns

White Shark Media

11 years ago



Those who have already understood the importance of creating search terms reports periodically understand how this is almost the Analyze all the keywords - White Shark Media Blogequivalent to finding gold when it comes down to optimizing. Search terms can be a strong tool when assessing:

  • What keywords could be included in our campaign to improve it

AdWords allows users to have access to these search terms via the AdWords interface; however, Search Term reports don’t stop there. You are also able to view the same search terms which can be triggered by your AdWords campaigns via Analytics. You will look in detail into the different search term reports that can potentially help the performance of your campaigns.

AdWords Search Queries with Analytics

While the AdWords interface is helpful in showing us some of the basic metrics for the search terms that were triggered by our keywords (CPC, CPA, CTR, etc.) we can also see different kinds of match types. And that’s where it stops.

Analytics allows a more integral view of the performance of these search terms. In order to access these search terms, you will need to click on Traffic Sources—Advertising—AdWords—Matched Search Queries

AdWords Search Queries with Analytics - White Shark Media Blog AdWords Search Queries with Analytics - White Shark Media Blog

This will show you a whole new world on the performance of search queries within your campaign. The insights you can reach within this report will even show your performance in revenue, and how some search queries can even be money drainers despite the fact that they can be very relevant.

These search queries open up endless possibilities for strategies by creating new ad groups for those keywords with high volume. They have also been top drivers in leads and sales by assessing whether the bounce rate is due to the landing pages letting you know if the keyword triggering the ad may be irrelevant to the search term itself.

Using Organic Search Queries As Fuel For Your AdWords Campaigns

Apart from utilizing the most valuable search queries that are triggered by the same keywords within your campaign, you can take it a step further and even consider some of the search terms that have been used to find you in organic listings.

Analytics works wonderfully when assessing the success of some of those search terms. It’s even more convenient for users having ecommerce sites and ecommerce tracking enabled as it shows exact numbers on revenue, number of transactions, conversion rate, etc.

In order to access this report, you can follow the following breadcrumbs: Traffic Sources—Sources—Search—Organic.

AdWords Search Queries with Analytics - White Shark Media Blog

These organic search terms can give you a new perspective on the keywords you are not using for current paid efforts. When creating a new campaign it is quite common to see untapped opportunities on new keywords that go beyond what has been used before, as well as traditional models on how we assume people would search for the product/service.

Taking Keywords a Step Further

Organic and AdWords search terms can also give you insight on how far into the buying cycle searchers will go for a specific product. For example, one of our existing clients was the owner of an online tool shop. Their old strategy consisted of using very general keywords such as

    • wrench sets
    • power tools
    • hand tools
    • monkey wrench etc.

Obviously the costs for this campaign resulted in this client having a limited budget due to the broad nature of the keywords they had chosen.

When tapping into the organic search terms we were able to see that people who had actually made a purchase on these products were searching by brand name and model type.

Using long-tail keywords allowed us to reach lower CPCs, higher conversion rates, and lower the average cost-per-conversion, which in the end resulted in a very happy Client.

Deciphering Match Type Usage in Google Analytics

It’s possible to take into account the performance for some of those search terms in order to see the type of match types these search queries are categorized under. This can help tremendously by guiding advertisers into what match types are the most ideal fit for their campaign needs. It can also help campaigns to become more cost-effective by focusing their budget on search terms and match types yielding higher results.

To find the Exact Match keywords for search terms, you can add a secondary dimension by going to the Advertising category and clicking on Query Match Type:

AdWords Search Queries with Analytics - White Shark Media Blog

Final Words

Analytics has proven once more the utter efficient aid that it can be by assisting Paid Search campaigns into achieving a better performance.

Going beyond what you normally feel comfortable with doing, can result in tremendous opportunities as well. If you pay attention to the search terms triggered by your campaign and most importantly by your organic searches you will be able to expand and tackle real opportunities that will reap enormous benefits for your advertising efforts.

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