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How Formula Words and Shortcuts Can Improve Productivity

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12 years ago



AdWords Editor is a free offline desktop software developed by Google where you can manage ad campaigns, keywords, or control multiple accounts in a speedy and streamlined manner.

The process of using AdWords Editor is easy: download your account, make the edits you want to make, and then simply upload the edited/revised ad campaign.

To make the whole user experience more enjoyable, AdWords Editor comes with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts,and hacks that could improve your day-to-day productivity.

Common AdWords Editor Shortcuts

Once you’ve opened your AdWords account in AdWords Editor, you can add, edit or delete multiple items at once, including keywords, ads, bids, URLs, and more.

Please keep the below rules and commands in mind:

AdWords Editor Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you can use in AdWords Editor:

adwords editor shortcut 1

Most Useful Shortcuts

That was a long list of shortcuts, huh? I know it can get overwhleming trying to learn and use all of them. This is why I’m sharing some of the most helpful shortcuts I have found while creating and optimizing campaigns:

Ctrl+Shift+C: Copy campaign or ad group shell
Ctrl+Shift+R: Revert selection to last downloaded state
Ctrl+Alt+H: Change capitalization of selected items
Ctrl+Y: Redo last undone action
Ctrl+Shift+B: Make multiple changes
Ctrl+B: Change bids of selected items
Ctrl+K: Check unposted changes for this account

AdWords Editor Formula Words

Formula Words allow you to find and replace the text of one editable field with the text of another editable field using the Replace Text tool.

There are Formula Words available for most of the editable fields in Editor as campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and all fields for that matter associated with a text ad.

The fields that can be edited with Formula Words vary based on the tab that is currently selected.

Examples of Formula Words available in AdWords Editor

[account] Account name
[campaign] Campaign name
[adgroup] Ad group name
[keyword] Keyword text
[headline] Ad headline
[description1] Ad description line 1
[description2] Ad description line 2
[displayUrl] Display URL text
[destinationUrl] Destination URL text
[negativeKeywordSite] Negative keyword or site
[field] Any field that’s editable on the selected tab

Learn More about Formula Words in AdWords Editor:

Why Should I Use AdWords Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Using these shortcuts will help you to create, manage and optimize your account more effectively and efficiently. For me, the best part of all is that with AdWords Editor Shortcuts, I can pick up my work pace and improve my overall time management!

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