The New Google Ads Insights, This Is What You Gotta Know

Miguel Saballos

1 year ago



A study by the Data & Marketing Association found that data-driven marketing campaigns have a higher return on investment (ROI) than campaigns that are not data-driven. On average, data-driven campaigns had a 289% higher ROI compared to non-data-driven campaigns.

Marketers who leverage consumer insights are able to effectively target their marketing efforts and better understand their audience. This can lead to increased engagement and sales, as well as a stronger connection with customers. 

Some trends in leveraging consumer insights include:

  • Personalization: Marketers are using consumer insights to create personalized marketing campaigns that are tailored to individual consumers’ needs and interests. This can include personalized emails, targeted ads, and customized recommendations.
  • Customer journey mapping: Consumer insights are used to understand the various stages of the customer journey and create marketing campaigns that are tailored to each stage. This helps to create a more seamless and cohesive customer experience.
  • Social listening: Marketers are using social media to listen to and gather insights from their customers. This includes monitoring social media platforms for mentions of their brand, as well as analyzing customer sentiment and feedback.

Overall, leveraging consumer insights allows you to create more effective and relevant marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive performance.

About Google Ads Insights

The Insights page offers personalized information about your business based on your account’s performance and searches for the products and services you advertise on Google. These insights help you understand how your business is doing and find new opportunities for growth by analyzing trends across Google. Each insight includes detailed information about your account’s performance and suggestions for actions you can take to improve your results.

The insights on this page are updated daily, and you can check back frequently for new ones that may be relevant to your business.

The Latest Google Ads Insights 

For marketers, it is a reality that new challenges emerge every single day, such as inflation and sudden shifts in consumer preferences. The Insights page helps you navigate these challenges by providing timely trends and forward-looking insights, not just for optimization but also for informing overall marketing strategy.

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To further support businesses in understanding their customers and improving performance, Google has recently introduced four new features to the Insights page.

Search Term Insights 

These insights allow you to understand what your customers are searching for by grouping related search terms into broader categories based on their intent. This makes it easier to identify the themes that are most popular with your customers. You can also see metrics such as conversion performance, search volume, and search volume growth for each theme. 

Asset Insights

This option provides information about which creative assets are effective at engaging potential customers. It can help you identify highly engaged audiences and inform the assets and landing pages you create for these groups or even guide changes to your marketing and product strategy. 

Audience Insights

These insights are about the characteristics of people who have engaged with your business. With this, you can understand what your customers care about, allowing you to tailor your creative efforts to their unique interests and traits. This can also make it easier for you to effectively reach and connect with your target audience. 

You will now be able to find these insights at the account level.

Change History Insights

With this, you can track the impact of any alterations you make to your account on its performance. If you see a significant change in your campaign’s key metrics, this information can help you figure out which changes you made may have contributed to the shift in performance and how to proceed.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

It is important for digital marketers to remember that consumer insights are a valuable tool for success. By using consumer insights, marketers can make sure that their marketing strategies are tailored to the needs and interests of their target audience. This can help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as the marketing efforts will be more closely aligned with what the audience desires.

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