Google AdWords Facts And Stats Every Advertiser Should Know

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8 years ago



For today’s post, we invite you to sit back and enjoy some weird, some wonderful and some shocking Google Adwords facts every advertiser should know.

Let’s Go Back To The Start

1) AdWords launched in 2000, when searchers were conducting more than 20 million searches per day on Sixteen years later, the search engine handles more than three billion searches per day. (Search Engine Land)

2) An 18-year-old college dropout named Scott Banister is credited with the brilliant, multi-billion-dollar idea of pay-for-placement search listings, an idea later developed by Bill Gross at IdeaLab. (Search Engine History)

3) AdWords was actually Google’s second advertising program. The first, called Premium Sponsorships, launched just months before. After a few years, AdWords overtook it. (Search Engine Watch)

The Numbers of Today

4) Number of Google Advertisers: Over 4 million (Business Insider)

5) Google’s takes up 33% of global digital ad revenue (Emarketer)

6) About 97% of Google’s total revenue comes from advertising. (Investopedia)

7) Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. (Google Economic Impact)

8) The top 3 paid ad spots get 41% of the clicks on the page (Niel Patel)

9) AdWords competitive rate of 87% allows your advertisement to fairly promote your products or services making you a competitor to those in similar industries. (Optimus 01)

Google’s Display and Search Network

10) Number of businesses advertising on the Google Search Network: Over 1.2 million (Wordstream)

11) Number of sites that are part of the Google Ad Display Network: Over 1 million (Wordstream)

12) Google’s display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users (Google Content Network)

13) Consumers exposed to display ads are, on average, 155% more likely to search for brand- and segment-specific terms. (Google Content Network)

14) The average click-through rate of an ad on the Google Display Network is four times as high as the average banner ad in the US and almost ten times as high as a Facebook ad. (Moz)

AdWords Industry Superlatives

15) The most expensive keyword to advertise with Adwords is…’Insurance’ at about $55 per click. (Media Vision Interactive)

16) Dating & Personals industry have the lowest average Cost Per Actions: $6.91 (Search Engine Land)

17) The Legal industry has the highest average Cost Per Actions: $135.17 (Search Engine Land)

18) Industry with the best average conversion rate for AdWords search ads: Insurance and Finance (7.19%) (Search Engine Land)

19) Industry with the best average conversion rate for AdWords display ads: Home Goods (2.19%) (Search Engine Land)

‘Cause We Are Living In A Mobile World

20) 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google Search (AdWords Blog)

21) 33% of all Google search clicks are generated through mobile (Merkle Inc.)

22) There are at least 300,000 mobile apps currently serving Google Mobile Ads (Protocol 80)


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