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The world of Google marketing is nothing short of promising and exciting. The platform always manages to surprise and delight its advertisers with smarter, more efficient features in every new product it releases.

As a Google Partner, we are able to stay informed on changes in the industry and offer them to our clients and partners. We always share this information with our blog readers as well the viewers of our YouTube channel.

Below are some of the latest announcements by Google on new marketing products. Take a moment to explore these features and find a new way to support your campaigns and boost your business.

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Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max leverages automation to help advertisers reach customers more effectively and drive more sustainable results. Automation technology is applied to bidding, targeting, creative ads, and attribution to achieve increased conversions and value.

Performance Max is a goal-based campaign type. It accesses all of Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. Google explains: “It is designed to complement your keyword-based Search campaigns to help you find more converting customers across all of Google’s channels–YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.”

Performance Max is an ideal campaign type that supports:

  • Specific advertising and conversion goals such as driving online sales, lead generation, among others
  • Maximizing the performance of your campaign when you are not limited by which channel your ads appear on
  • Accessing Google’s advertising channels through a single campaign
  • Achieving additional reach and conversion value beyond keyword-based search campaigns

As an advertiser, you will have the opportunity to tailor your ads in real-time to reach consumers across channels and devices.

Google Tip: Do not replace Search keyword campaigns with Performance Max campaigns as you may risk losing reach and performance, sincePerformance Max does not utilize keywords. Run Search and Performance Max alongside each other for best results.

Google explains some of the benefits offered by Performance Max campaigns:

  • Tapping into new audiences across the Google platform
  • Driving better performance related to the goals you assign
  • Acquiring transparent insights
  • Steering automation with your campaign inputs
  • Simplifying campaign management
  • Easily optimizing your ads

Audience Signals

If you are eager to reach your ideal audience, audience signals are one of the features you’ll want to implement immediately. Google announced audience signals in GML recently and is expected to be available in Q3’21.

Like all of the features we’re reviewing, audience signals leverage automated targeting technology to accelerate learning.

For example, if you’ve recently graduated or married, you most likely have a move in the foreseeable future. The feature uses indicators such as Life Events to flag and analyze the kind of user behavior that is likely to occur during these times.

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Image Extensions in Search

Instagram has taught us all that a holistic approach to ads goes a long way.

Rich visuals paired with the right copy can make a world of a difference when it comes to getting your audience to take action. Image extensions are an automated feature that pulls visuals to complement search ads, further driving the message in your text ad and improving results.

The extensions do not interrupt the anatomy of the text ad. It continues to include headlines, descriptions, a visual URL and a final URL. The image component is served at the bottom right of the ad and is clickable to the final URL.

Google shares: “Early results show advertisers are seeing up to a 10% increase in CTR when image extensions or dynamic image extensions show with their mobile Search ads in absolute top positioning.

Customer Match

Customer Match is a Google advertising tool that helps you apply first-party data, which is data that you collect directly from people who interact with your business. This information reveals behaviors, actions, and interests recorded by your website and apps.

Analyzing this data allows you to learn more about the users engaging with your business and creates an opportunity for you to address any needs that they may have.

Whereas this feature was once limited to certain advertisers, Google has now opened this up to all. Specific requirements are still necessary for certain features.

Learn more about creating customer match lists.

Regardless of your objectives, you will be able to engage with your ideal users across Google platforms such as YouTube, Search, Shopping, GDA and Gmail.


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