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What You Need to Know About Google’s Lead Form Extensions

Ana Lucia Morales

3 years ago



Google Search Ads can be a fantastic driver of new leads if done right. The Google platform offers something for every business. There are features for every prospect at every stage of their buying journey.

Nowadays, every business owner is privy to the term “lead generation.” A good lead generation strategy targets quality prospects. In short, they are targeting people most likely to convert into customers. Generating high-quality leads is not an easy task.

There are certain things to consider before we begin employing some of the lead generation strategies available to us. Let’s review some of the elements that can contribute to your Lead Form Extension success.

Let the Buyer’s Journey and UX Guide You

The customer journey is not linear. There are many touch points before a customer decides to contact you. The way people make decisions is messy–and it’s only getting messier.

In the meantime that they are ready, it’s good to know how to stay on their good side.

User experience these days is quite impressive. It’s because of this that people expect a consistent and seamless experience. They expect across every platform. Every interaction with a brand is equal. They don’t separate your desktop site, your mobile site, your apps, or your store. There is a distinction between offline and online. It’s a non-line world we live in.

That said, mobile users are responsible for more than half of internet traffic. It is imperative that as marketers we communicate to a mobile-first world.

Addressing Bumps Along the Way

You click on an ad for some running shoes. In a matter of seconds, you should find yourself on a page dedicated to running shoes. Once there, you can enter their personal information (name and email address). This action allows the brand to contact you for more information on its products or services.

But, wait, what happens if your page loads slowly? After a few seconds, you will probably jump off your site and visit another link. That’s “no bueno.” Redirecting potential leads to a slow landing page leads to increased bounce rates. It won’t contribute to the user experience and harms conversion rates. Users never even get around to entering their information.

Nearly 60% of Google Searches are done on mobile devices. Advertising publishers like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google offer lead generation ads for mobile.

Mobile Lead generations ads

Google launched Lead Form extensions about a year ago to help advertisers generate leads and jump over some of these roadblocks.

Google Ads Lead Form extensions

How to Use Lead Form Extensions

  • A PI lawyer offering free consultation services, newsletter signup, etc.
  • An auto company providing auto quotes, test drives, interest forms, etc
  • A furniture company offering brochures, consultations, etc

Characterics of Lead Form Extensions

  • Pre-filled, making it easier and faster for users to submit their information
  • Optimized for mobile navigation
  • Available for CRM or email software integration to follow up on new leads when they sign up.
  • Helpful to drive sales for your business, product or service

Some things you need to know before getting started

1. The data from the Google Lead Form extensions can be downloaded into a CSV file, It is worth noting that if you take this route, you will need to be downloading it often, as Google only stores leads for a maximum of 30 days

2. Alternatively, you have the option to link it to a CRM and link it to a webhook URL and key to your lead form extension. Once integrated, you’ll be able to send test data to view results.

What are Google’s requirements for Lead Form Extensions?

1. A good history of policy compliance

2. You must have a privacy policy for your business, this policy will show at the end of the lead form.

3. You must have a Google Ads account in a qualifying vertical.

4. The spend depends on the ad type. If you’re creating a Discovery or Video campaign, you’ll need more than $50,000 or the equivalent thereof in total spend on the Google Ads platform.

Make sure that you are tracking the performance of the lead form extensions. Tracking real conversions help businesses understand better their return on investment and allocate their marketing budget through informed decisions.


Advertising on mobile is challenging. It’s not surprising given that the digital industry and customers are evolving simultaneously. Screens are small, connections are slow, and customer attention is short. At the end of the day, filling out a form on a mobile site requires more steps. “More” makes everything harder.

The Google platform is always working to find creative solutions to these issues. These forms are a great way to collect first-party data, which is important as we shift to a cookieless world. It’s a new way to convert users without ever leaving the SERP. Also, these ad forms, call-only ads, and call extensions contribute to the user experience.

Begin leveraging lead form extension ads today. Here’s a Google Tutorial on how to set them up!