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The Clear-Cut List of Important AdWords Keywords For Taxi Companies

White Shark Media

11 years ago



When it comes to highly competitive industries, few can be as rough as the taxi service industries. This is mostly due to over saturation of taxi companies in most metro areas. Of course the higher the competition for the same keywords is the higher the average CPC cost will be. Therefore, doing a thorough and in-depth keyword research is vital for the success of your campaign.

Remember that keywords are the most important building blocks of any campaign so selecting the right ones will make the difference between success and failure.

Now we know that taxi companies are highly competitive and being aware of the importance to choose the right keywords for your campaigns, it’s time to go over some of the most important keywords that should be included in your winning campaign structure.

Taxi Service Keywords Should Always Include The Geographical Area You Service

Most people looking for taxi services are usually in a rush to reach their destination. Whether it is getting to an airport to catch an early flight or reaching the office before 8 am, the end result is the same, they want the service and they want it NOW!

Potential Clients who might not be familiar to a specific local taxi service or might find out that their local company is too busy, will naturally get onto their smartphones or computers to search the closest taxi company available.

This is because they want a fast and reliable service they can trust. So if they want a local taxi they will usually perform searches including the name of the city they’re currently located at.

For example a busy businessman in NY looking for a taxi service to take him to his office in Wall Street will do searches such as:

  • N.Y. Taxi Service
  • Wall Street taxi
  • NY City Taxi
  • Taxi Service in NY
  • NY Cabs

Now if you running a taxi service business that covers NY city it would be smart to include all those keywords as well as different variations of them to make sure you’re ads will be showing there when people are searching for your services and are in a hurry to close a business deal.

Include The Word Local In Your Keyword List.

This goes back to the premise that people need service straight away, so they will be including keywords such as:

  • Local Taxi,
  • Local Taxi Service
  • Local Cabs
  • Local Taxi-Cab service

These keywords will ease their concerns and help them make a decision knowing that the service you provide will be there fast and they’ll be able to reach their destination on time.

Always remember that winning a client’s trust is crucial for developing a solid reputation that will help you get recurrent clients for your business and keep them too.

Zip Codes Can Be As Valid As Keywords.

Google now has the capacity to target locations at zip code level so you could get so granular as to design ad groups and specific ads for highly competitive and profitable zip codes inside metro areas.

Going back to the example of the businessman traveling to his office in Wall Street N.Y., he might do searches for:

  • 10005 Taxi
  • Taxi Near 10005
  • 10005 Taxi Service

By including the 10005 zip code as part of your keyword list you’ll be covering all those potential clients who search using zip codes which will guarantee that your ad will be showing just when they need the service and are ready to do business with you.

Here you could go as far as including the zip code in the headline of the ad such as 10005 Taxi Service. This will make the keyword more relevant to the ad copy and will provide – a better quality score and therefore lower Avg. CPC.

Airport Names are vital Keywords for any taxi service company.

A very big piece of the taxi service industry pie is composed by airport transportation. Most people traveling, whether they have their own cars or not, will most likely hire a taxi to take them to and from the airport. So here’s a huge opportunity for a taxi company to get a nice piece of that pie.

You could start by taking a look at a map of your targeted area and come up with a list of airports located within your area. Once you have the list then you should include the airport names as part of your keywords.

  • Los Angeles Int. Taxi Service
  • La Guardia Taxi Cab
  • Baltimore Taxi Service

These would be good examples of keywords that include the name of airports in the targeted location of a campaign.

Always make sure to include a few ad groups containing airport related keywords as people traveling will most likely include the name of the airport when doing searches for taxi services.

Consider including airport name abbreviations too.

Going back to airport traveling, it’s highly important to use airport name abbreviation as part of your keyword list.

Consider that most potential clients could include abbreviated airport names as part of their search queries. Consequently, include keywords such as:

  • LAX Taxi Service
  • MIA Cab Service
  • BWI Taxi Transportation
  • IAH Airport Taxi

These would be a wise choice to complement your airport keyword list.

By including these abbreviations you would make sure that your campaign won’t be missing out on potential clients and have, as they say, “all bases covered” when it comes down to airport name related keywords.

Include Keywords that define the quality of the service.

Keep in mind that there are several scales when it comes down to people searching for taxi services. If your company provides executive taxi services or luxury taxi services, then it’s a good idea to include those keywords in your list.

By doing this you could differentiate your higher end services from regular taxi services. A good approach would be to create separate ad groups in order to include keywords and ads for different segments of the targeted population.

You could have keywords such as cheap taxi service, affordable taxi service in some ad groups to cover the bargain hunting segment of the population who is just expecting a yellow taxi to show up round the corner, clean and on time.

You could also add the following keywords:

  • Executive Taxi
  • Luxury Taxi Service
  • Luxury Cab Service

These keywords would be used to target customers expecting a Lincoln town car to take them to the airport or hotel.

By including different keywords to differentiate these segments, you would be able to cover most potential clients searching for taxi transportation services.


The taxi service industry can be tough to compete with and survive in, but developing a great keyword list that takes into account the most important keywords potential clients might be using to search for your services can make a huge difference.

Remember that when doing your keyword research, it’s important to put yourself in your potential client’s shoes in order to create a winning keyword list including most keyword variations that could be used to search for your services.

Finally, if you include the right keywords, your ads are going to be showing to the right person at the right time which would exponentially increase your chances of success.

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