Create AdWords Campaigns Even Faster With Our Revamped Excel Template

We understand that creating AdWords campaigns can be time-consuming.

That’s why White Shark Media has created an excel template that allows you to work on all necessary elements of a campaign in one go and then upload them to AdWords using the AdWords Editor.

Originally created in 2015, our new excel template has now been revamped to include all AdWords latest features, including Expanded Text Ads!

Click here to access the full blog post with all the important formulas and guidelines.

What is Different About This Template?

  • We have removed the Sitelinks option
  • Expanded Text Ads
  • There are now step by step instructions for each sheet, as well as video tutorials.

Click below to download our new, revamped template!

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Author: White Shark Media

White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a leading Digital Marketing Agency that provides PPC Management to small and medium-sized businesses.

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