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Stop Comparing Your AdWords Campaign with Your Competitors’ and Start Optimizing Instead!

White Shark Media

12 years ago



Have you ever wondered or asked yourself how your competitors’ AdWords campaigns are doing compared to yours?

If you answered a clear and echoing YES!, then you’re in the majority, but that doesn’t mean you’re still doing the right thing.

Comparing yourself to others can give you a very general indication of where you are in terms of your main competitors but it won’t help you to improve your performance nor surpass that of your competitors’.

By overly comparing yourself to others, you’re actually limiting your own creative potential and wasting valuable time.

Don’t Let Your Ego Take Control

Let’s assume for a minute that you run a local bakery and find out that one of your main competitors is also running an AdWords campaign. Naturally, you’ll probably want to run a Google search and see where his ads are showing in comparison to your own.

Once you run the search, you’ll find out that your ads are showing below your competitors’. At this precise moment, your competitive mind and ego are wondering why and you start looking outside your business for reasons or answers why your competition is apparently doing better than you.

Later on, if you really become desperate, you could even go as far as to carbon copy one of your competitor’s successful AdWords campaigns. This of course, is not advisable whatsoever and it might not necessarily work in your favor anyway.

Remember that Google’s algorithm rewards creativity and unique content, so copying a competitor’s ads is not a best practice and will most likely result in low quality and therefore expensive keywords.

Also, you need to keep in mind that every industry is different and even if you’re competing with people from within the same industry, your exact target market may differ.

Geographic location, cultural preferences and socioeconomic conditions will render most comparisons irrelevant.

Consumer Behavior Varies from City to City

In the previous example of the bakery above, you’ll find out that consumer habits and behavior may vary drastically from state to state, city to city and even  neighborhood to neighborhood. For example, a NY City bakery on a busy urban street will have very different Clients than one in a quiet suburban L.A. neighborhood.

Not only do markets vary, but also your company’s structure, goals and strategy are different from that of your competitors.

Consequently, comparing yourself to others can become a really bad habit that will hurt your business in the short run unless you change your train of thought.

Should You Just Ignore the Competition?

All right, so now we know that overly comparing yourself to others is not a wise strategy, so what can you do?

Well for starters, instead of looking on the outside for answers on how to improve your campaign’s performance, you should look inside your own business to determine your strengths and competitive advantages.

Use Competitor Research to Find a Way to Differentiate Your Business

Begin by asking yourself introspective questions like: What sets you apart from your competitors? What unique product or service can you better provide versus that of the rest? Are your prices competitive in today’s marketplace?

Once you come up with the answers to those questions, it’s time to make changes to the campaign and start optimizing it based on your own business strategies and campaign goals.

When you optimize your campaigns based on your own business strategies and creativity, you’ll attain much better results and will feel much more satisfied in the end.

Always remember that we cannot change things that are out of our control, such as our competitors, for example. Therefore, instead of wasting valuable time comparing your online marketing efforts to others, you should be focused on properly optimizing your campaign(s) and making the right usage of your time and creative efforts.

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