Our Revamped Excel Template: Create Google Ads Campaigns Faster Than Ever

Claudio Dominguez

4 years ago

When creating campaigns, an Excel template is an excellent option for those in need of timely processes. It helps organize the necessary elements of a campaign before you upload it into the Google Ads Editor.

Interested in downloading our Excel template? Click here to get started!

The alternative to this Excel is manually creating each of these sections. This method increases the chances of human error. Aside from being efficient and less prone to mistakes, there are numerous benefits of using Excel for campaign creations. Read on to review points to determine if an Excel template would be helpful to your next campaign.

The Benefits of a Template

1) A Standard Format

Designing an Excel template that works for you can make setting up your digital campaigns a lot easier as it will speed up your entries and make elements easier to reference. 

2) Keeping a Backup of the Initial Creation

You will have a separate backup of each Excel file that you fill out. If you need to revamp a campaign, this backup will guide your adjustments or remind you of your initial settings.

3) Easy Use of Filters and Formatting

By using conditional formatting and taking advantage of filters, you will be able to pinpoint errors such as duplicated keywords, misspellings, or terms when testing variations.

As you download this template, make sure to follow some of the general guidelines that will help to make the process all the more enjoyable! 

Some tips from our strategists and longtime Excel users include:

  • Avoid cutting and pasting; it will mess up with most of the formulas. Copy-paste instead.
  • Don’t delete any rows or columns. This will cause the same as the previous points. It is ok to clear cell contents.
  • Don’t insert rows or columns.
  • You can only add one campaign per format
  • You can add up to 80 ad groups per format.
  • You can add up to 150 keywords per ad group.
  • You can add up to 4 ads per ad group.
  • We have removed the sitelink option.

Upload Keywords To Google Ads Editor

Keywords: To upload your keywords all at once:

1) Copy the Data from the Export Data (Step Three) Sheet

2) Go into the Editor and select the account you Downloaded from Google Ads

3) Select Keywords and Targeting

4) Select Keywords

5) Select Make Multiple Changes

6) Make sure to check the options:

  • My data includes columns for campaigns or ad groups
  • Remember the order of my columns for future imports

7) Click on Paste from clipboard

8) Click on Process and verify your changes

9) Click on Finish and review changes

10) If you are happy with what you see, then click on the “Keep” option.

11) Once your ads a ready to go live, click on “post”

Uploading your ads will be similar to uploading keywords. Click on the Ads tab, filter out blanks in the campaign column, and then select only the following columns:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Headline 1
  • Headline 2
  • Description Line
  • Final URL
  • Path 1
  • Path 2

Once this is set, go to the Expanded Text Ads option in the Google Ads Editor, select "Make multiple changes," and paste everything there. Process, review, and save your changes.