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4 Reasons You Should Use PPC to Grow Your Dental Practice

White Shark Media

7 years ago



You could have the best dentist office in your town, but without ever allowing yourself an opportunity to be found by online users, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to ever reel in enough of the new traffic needed to grow your business. Pay-per-click ads or PPCs are an auction-based tool used by marketers hoping to reach audiences combing through the search engine results page for answers. It can be an incredibly valuable instrument for any small business, particularly those in the world of dentistry. For dental offices competing with others in their region, PPC gives you a chance to outrank competitors in the paid areas of the search engine results page and allow you to earn the visibility and clicks needed to boost your business.

Of course, this is just one out of many reasons why you should be investing in PPC. Here are a few others:

PPCs Boost Brand Recognition

 Brand awareness is increased by almost 63% when businesses used PPC as a marketing tool. This comes as a result of the online facilitation of a stronger association with a brand. Users who see the ads of business online are more likely to make a connection with those that are offline, meaning they also have a greater chance of boosting results of offline ads. The ranking will never be directly dependent on pay-per-click advertising. However, when PPC ads are paired with good search engine rankings, they can produce higher click-thru rates and increase traffic. Mostly this is because as an advertiser you’re taking up more search engine real estate and growing your audience pool.

They Generate Leads at a Faster Rate

 PPCs have quite a few benefits, but one that stands out the most is the opportunity it grants businesses to get their name and services out in front of an audience straight away. Unlike SEO tactics, which require marketers to wait for the accumulated value to increase rankings for their sites, PPC ads can give your dental practice the results it desires immediately. Additionally, PPCs also allow you to serve advertising to users of all types including those who are on mobile, desktops, and tablets. This offers quite a bit more than traditional media displayed on television, print, and radio ads.

Even more, PPCs can help dentists keep their budgets within a reasonable range. In fact, when compared to other forms of advertising, PPC ads can be quite a bit less costly because they only require payment when users actually click on the link. In traditional or even digital media advertising, marketers are forced to pay for general advertisements that never have a direct correlation to site traffic or conversions. With PPCs dentists have the ability to only pay for when traffic is driven immediately to a landing page. This allows the capacity to see a direct relationship between the type of ad they created for their business to how it performs and is received by an audience.

 It Can Produce Phone Inquiries

 PPC ads give you a chance to match what potential patient searches, ultimately this generates more leads and inquiries about your business and appointments. This click to call ad extension allows users who are on their phones to get into contact with your business without ever actually clicking on your ad, meaning you gain business from your ad without ever paying for it. When users get into contact with your business, without ever clicking through to the landing page assigned to your ad, they sidestep the costs that come with clicks.

You Can Track and Test Your Advertising Campaigns

 Similar to every other marketing strategy out there, PPCs require a bit of trial-and-error to produce good results. With AdWords, you can track and analyze the campaign metrics of your PPC so that you can decipher what strategies and methods are working and which ones are not. This allows you a chance to stay on top of your click-through rates, conversions, and other campaign metrics. All of which, when combined, can give you a more clear understanding of your PPC ROI, as well as factors that need to be tweaked in order to see improvement. With PPC you can experiment with different keywords, background colors, CTAs, and formats and then test and compare the different ad variations to see which combination will give you the most conversions.