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How You can Get More Patient Leads Than Other Healthcare Practices

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Though many industries experience fluctuation of seasonality, the medical field is one that can always count on there being people searching for relevant products or services. What’s changing is the way people are looking for healthcare providers. 

Whether your dealing directly with a patient or selling/acquiring medical supplies, investing in well structured PPC campaigns is essential for growth and making profits. Not having these ad campaigns in place or managing them poorly can be the thing that is holding back you.

Your competitors may be better aligned with best practices that connect them with their target audience and place their ads where they are needed. Your competitors are most likely implementing certain strategies to beat you out of leads. 

Here are some you can look into to:

Contact Information

Is your contact information easy to get a hold of? Consider yourself in a state of panic or urgency. Medical situations tend to experience degrees of seriousness, it’s important to make your contact information easy for them to get to. 

Ad extensions are a good way for prospects to reach out to their business. They expand your ad with additional information. They tend to increase an ad’s click-through-rate. Extension formats include call buttons, location information, links to specific parts of your website, additional text, among others. 

What’s neat about ad extensions is that Google Ads selects which format goes best with each individual search on Google. 

The more content that you add, the more relevant these ads can be which leads to an increase in engagement and more clicks.

Furthermore, if you are in the business of selling medical products and a consumer has a question, it is easy for them to access questions and concerns.

Your Audience

People don’t look up healthcare providers like they used to. Most people search for their symptoms prior to reaching out to someone. If you know when they will be in their time of need, it’s important for you to take advantage of that receptivity and peaked interest. 

If you are prepared with your PPC strategies when users are looking to address healthcare issues, you can turn searchers into leads. Together, SEO and PPC can help you show up at the top of the search results page and connects with the right person before competitors. This can result in an increase in leads as well as long-term patients!

Monthly Insights

As we’ve mentioned many times before, PPC campaigns are not “set and forget”. Campaigns must be watched and analyzed in order to pinpoint what is not working for your brand. Whether it varies among markets or seasons, the only way to really narrow things down is trial and error… and monthly reporting!

Of course, working with an agency is ideal for this kind of dynamic. They stay up to date on trending strategies, changes in algorithms, and they have the experience to catch and tweak settings that aren’t working. 

White Shark Media attends Google and Microsoft webinars and training all year round to stay informed on digital advances. We also have an in-house learning department and workshops to tackle everything from some basic campaign set up to sophisticated optimizations.

Though many healthcare providers may experience slower periods, they don’t have to. PPC can make sure that they can help those in need of their services as soon as they begin searching for them.

To learn more about how White Shark Media can help you increase leads and book appointments, reach out to one of our strategists today!