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Keep Your Dental PPC Strategy Polished With These 3 Tips

White Shark Media

7 years ago



In dentistry, having the right tools and equipment can mean everything for the success of your business. Similarly, the good content marketing strategy is a key instrument for reeling in new customers and getting them into your chair. One of the best tools to helping dentists to maintain and grow their customer base is Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). With the right PPC campaigns, dentists can target specific groups and bring in the types of patients that they are looking to service.

Keeping up with a dental practice can be costly, especially when it comes to marketing to new and potential customers. If you’re considering making PPC ads your next valuable tool but want to ensure you’re efforts are cost effective, here are a few powerful tips to keep in mind as you advertise your dental practice:

Location is Key

When you create your PPC ad, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you only want to advertise to consumers who are likely to seek out your service. To ensure that you do this successfully, your first step begins with narrowing your efforts to local advertising. Consider a scenario where you put a billboard for your Detroit-based business in Miami, Florida. It’s extremely unlikely that your efforts would drive traffic all the way from Miami to your business in Detroit, so you wouldn’t hedge your bets on spending money on a billboard in a location that your services aren’t available.  For one, obtaining enough customers willing to travel to your office will never give you the positive ROI of a billboard. Secondly, you’re putting yourself up against competitors who are located within a reasonable distance for your target audience.

Instead of competing with all of the dentists in the world, go against the ones in your local area. Local advertising will be crucial for every business, but this is particularly the case for targeted marketing campaigns related to PPC. You never want your dollar amount to go to waste, mostly because you pay for the exact amount of clicks you get. If you aren’t targeting your exact audience, you will end up overpaying for clicks that hold no value or ROI. Avoid racking up a high bill directed a consumer who will never get into your by using local targeting.

Your Relevance is Relevant

 Having a firm understanding of what your target audience is searching for online is key. To have an actual grasp on what their needs are and how to package your services as answers to these requirements, you’ll want to do some keyword research. To avoid paying excess costs for non-qualified leads clicking on your ad, be sure to create ads that are niche specific. In other words, use words that cater to those who are looking to use the services of a dentist right now. You don’t want people who are looking for advice on how to become a dentist or searching for the help of another medical health care provider. It’s here that having an ad that is keyword specific is relevant.

To ensure you’re obtaining the right traffic for your site, narrow your efforts into understanding the particular services that people in your area might be looking for. So, for instance, consider creating PPC ads for your higher-revenue-generating services related to teeth whitening as opposed to ones that are linked to basic cleanings. This will allow you to direct your ads to the right audience and also, obtain a higher quality from search engines. High-quality scores will guarantee your ad receives a better position on the search engine result pages as well as a lower cost-per-click rate.

Expand Your Ad Efforts with Ad Extensions

 Standard PPC ads don’t allow wordy ads. This limited word count stems from the fact that Google wants to ensure that they have an opportunity to sell more ads, so they only offer a limited amount of space. Fortunately, there’s a loophole to this— but you’ll just have to pay for it. Google provides ad creators with an opportunity to obtain six different ad extensions for purchase. Each of these ad extensions allows you to offer more information about you and your practice ever without cutting into your limited character input space. The extensions include maps and addresses, product image views, phone numbers that are clickable for mobile users, and customer rates.