As Flooring Services Increase, Get in the Game: 3 PPC Tips to Apply Today

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According to a report released by IBIS World in July 2019, sales in flooring services and products will close with total revenue of  $25B. Driven by repair and installation of carpets and other soft-surface floor covering hard surface floor coverings, and hardwood flooring; the report also shows how the industry has had an annual growth of 5.1%, as are the opportunities to connect with potential consumers through digital campaigns. 

On its own, the home services industry is tricky with seasonality. To boot, it’s highly dependent on several other industries. For example, business for flooring booms parallelly to the real estate market. As one fluctuates, the other follows. A high percentage of homes are sold in the summer which usually leads to repairs or renovations within the same period. 

With factors such as the ones mentioned above come together, strategies must be purposeful and well thought. Creating a strong PPC strategy can improve online marketing performance regardless of how other industries are doing or the season. 

How does one do this? At White Shark Media, we’ve had the pleasure of working within the industry and have watched how targeting the right audience and placing ads in the right place can have a positive turnaround on businesses even during a seasonal dip. 

If 86% of people use the internet to find local businesses on both Google and Bing, doesn’t it seem like a good idea to be there when they do?

Read on to learn more about a combination of strategies that help fine-tune the efforts for your campaigns and see changes in your home services ads.


If your business has a healthy rapport with your community and your goal is to expand reach, there are various pay per click strategies that can help you conquer your local market and neighboring towns.

  • Remarketing: Look into remarketing lists for your home services ads. What this does is connect with people who have already expressed an interest in your products or services.

Ad Groups

Separating services by ad groups will help push and place each service and product to anyone searching for it. This helps your business connect with relevant leads.

  • Customize your products and services for different segments. Target a single audience and create custom ads for them. Change your approach to make the kinds of people that come into your store. Tailor it to their hesitations and frustrations. 


Creating a list of relevant keywords make all copy more effective and helps reduce fruitless clicks. The same goes for identifying negative keywords and filtering out wasted connections and clicks.

  • Long-tail keywords: These longer keywords (three or more words) or phrases are usually more specific, less competitive, and most effective than general terms. However, they work better for particular groups because they are insightful to a specific audience. It’s safe to assume that anyone searching for “flooring company in Miami,” is receptive to your business ads. 

We’re eager to offer our experience to home services businesses as we’ve watched positive shifts in performance despite low seasons or other influential factors that once seemed definite.

Click here to learn more about our methodology and how White Shark Media can turn your low season on its head this year.

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