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Brace Yourself For Home Builder Marketing Trends From This Year’s NAHB’s IBS Event



This year, we were excited to attend the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida. With the participation of many home service businesses, we gained insight into innovative products and services and the latest on what to expect for the industry this year and in the near future for home builder marketing.

The home building industry encompasses many different home services like roofing, plumbing, flooring, lighting, HVAC, door installations, and much more. The list goes on, and the opportunity to meet a diversity of business owners in the industry was endless. As we networked with industry leaders and shared how digital marketing is essential in the competitive landscape of online marketing, we also learned firsthand ideal audiences they want to target and the objectives they wish to accomplish online.

Get Acquainted With The International Builders’ Show

The International Builders’ Show (IBS) is an annual event where products, services, connections, and experts in the home building industry come together to share knowledge and solutions that help strengthen and grow businesses.

A unique experience hosted for business owners, home developers, marketing professionals, to network, learn and discover trends that will drive competitiveness and innovation in the industry.

White Shark Media Connects With Home Builders

Given the opportunity to speak to 60k+ attendees, our VP of Partnerships stressed just how important home builder marketing is with the rising demand in the industry.

Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA)

Remodeling spend has increased by more than 9% in Q4 2021 and strong growth in home improvement and maintenance expenditures is expected to continue this year.

Home services and remodeling become more accessible to audiences due to low interest rates and with more people focusing on their family, their homes, and everything surrounding the concept of healthy living comes through living in a fresh and clean environment. With more time spent at home people have helped the growth in home renovation spend.

Reach Communities Through Facebook Ads

If you’re part of the housing industry, Facebook Ads is a great platform to promote and create awareness through a special ad category known as housing ads.

 special ad category facebook

On average, a Facebook user clicks on an ad 12 times per month.” This means that it’s very likely that a person interested in the home renovation or remodelling services will click on a housing ad if they’re already on the lookout for a home project.

Presentations focused on boosting a home builder’s business through Facebook Ads and digital marketing efforts through the platform, provided multiple strategies to spearhead the growing trends within the industry.

A workshop that focused on Facebook Ads gave insights about how to tackle requirements within housing ads along with common misconceptions.

For instance, a housing ad can’t directly target people based on their gender or age, making it a bit of a challenge to pinpoint which audience you’re serving. One tip we learned was that housing ads could be aligned with business objectives depending on the customer journey through a business sales funnel.

Facebook campaign objectives

Social media marketing is a key tactic for new home builders to drive relevant traffic to their business.

A Business Is Judged By Its Website

As the most powerful tool in a home builders marketing startegy, a website is where prospects will decide to hire services and purchase products. Ensuring it is responsive, loads quickly, and is optimized is what will engage audiences into connecting with a brand.

Behold SEO! A must for home builders and renovation companies. As part of a good SEO strategy, landing pages become the first impression a person gets when they visit your website through organic search. We saw the importance of sharing our knowledge about what SEO can do for businesses if they decide to follow a strategy that keeps people on their website.

Home builder SEO

The SEO presentations we attended provided insight into the technicalities for the perfect home builders’ landing page. What stood out was the importance of relevant website content and keeps audiences engaged. An effective content marketing strategy is the backbone for a home builders website.

Pro Tip: Don’t let clutter take over the essential housing details that clients are looking for on your website.

There are innovative ways to implement an SEO strategy this year, begin making the most out of organic traffic to your business.

Powerful SEO tips

PPC Ads Help You Target Audiences That Matter

We can’t forget about pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and how it’s more relevant today than ever to have ads that provide a solution for people in search for what they need.

Having a home improvement marketing strategy tailored to your home building business in PPC helps:

  • Target your potential customers
  • Deliver the right content to your prospects at the right time
  • Follow the buyer’s journey to convert leads into clients

PPC for home services

Among the many components to consider when adopting a PPC strategy, more particularly, marketing budget. Understanding the ad spend you count on to advertise your business weighs heavily on its success.

“According to LocaliQ’s benchmark report, the home & home improvement industry has a click-through rate of 4.21% and an average cost-per-click of $5.75.”

Benchmark data as such helps in making the most out of PPC efforts on platforms such as Google and Microsoft Ads, where creating brand loyalty, track ad performance and more granular targeting options make them the ultimate marketing strategy online.

Marketing Made Easy For Home Builders

Overall, having attended multiple presentations, meeting people from the home building industry, and have gained more insights about home services than we could have imagined, helping promote digital marketing and its current benefits to the industry, was what we enjoyed most.

Being updated on rising trends, new products and strategies within the industry has equipped us to innovate and enhance our management in digital marketing for many business verticals. Are you currently considering to adopt home builder marketing? Take a look into what we have in store for your business.