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Basics You Should Know To Start Your Business’s Home Improvement Marketing



Now more than ever, home improvement projects and related search queries are on the rise. Being homebound has made many people think about what they’d like to do with their space and plan to do something, whether it’s a renovation, installation, or maintenance. Because of this, there’s a growing market for home improvement projects and a higher demand for local contractors.

The future says a lot about how the market is growing to meet homeowners’ demands to restore their homes. Home improvement marketing is one of the many rising trends. COVID-19 has significantly impacted digital marketing, and new methods are being adopted. The BBB has a good overview through an impact report and discusses trends to be on the lookout for the home services industry.

Developing a robust marketing strategy can help you grow your business and target your potential customers. With many remodelers relying on referrals, the right marketing strategy can help introduce you to additional customers.” — BBB

To add, PPC becomes more relevant than ever in the home services industry if you are thinking of increasing your revenue, broadening your business’s reach, finetuning your target audience, and gaining a competitive advantage through your home improvement marketing efforts.

Why Your Home Service Company Needs PPC Advertising

Are you a business for home improvement looking to optimize your marketing? Here are insights to help you gain perspective on the factors your audiences consider when seeking home improvement services:

Planning Ahead and Budget

Many people will start the journey towards renovating and improving their homes by setting up a budget, and as a home services business owner, you need to do the same for your marketing efforts. Getting cost estimates becomes an essential aspect of your marketing efforts because it will help your audiences in the research process for attaining your services. Additionally, having estimated costs at hand will help your prospects anticipate expenses and save time for their next project.

Pro Tip: Implement specific features in your marketing strategy that can help users know the average cost of your services. Price extensions are a good example of this.

Home Improvement Price Extensions

Engage Service Categories

The next step audiences will take once they have set a budget for their home improvement project is to brainstorm ideas and tasks. Here is where you want to showcase your services and how they can bring people’s home improvement projects to life.

Home Improvement Structured Snippets

Pro Tip: Structured snippets are a great way to categorize the services your business offers and can be taken advantage of through ad extensions in Google and Microsoft Ads.

Your home improvement marketing should also reflect the area it services in so that potential clients may consider you for their home improvement projects. Google My Business and business listings are best practices for advertising locally.

Home Improvement Service Area

It’s never a bad idea to reconsider your home improvement marketing focus. All things considered, your service categories need to go above and beyond the client’s needs when they’re looking for home renovation services for their space.

It Matters What Others Think

Because everyone has experienced a referral through reviews and word of mouth, it’s hard to ignore its potency towards leveraging new clients to your business. The two things you want to have at the top of mind when implementing your home improvement marketing are customer reviews and case studies. So, while your potential customers are browsing through local contractors for their home improvement projects, a positive review or before and after pics can be a great way to outshine competitors. Giving them a better perspective on what to expect, especially when it comes to the experience they’ll have with your business, promotes a higher chance of acquiring your services.

Going through a business’s website should help your potential customers understand a business’s work ethic, client satisfaction rate, and quality of work. The more reviews a business’s website includes, the better. In turn, prospects are more likely to want to engage with your business’s website if they can also read through client testimonials.

Home Improvement Google Reviews

Pro Tip: Build brand reliability by showing what others think of working with your business with Google Reviews.

Keeping clients happy is every business’s goal, and good digital marketing in place can help you achieve those goals and much more. Here’s how we helped one of our home service clients achieve their goals by increasing their lead gen by over %359.

Pay Close Attention to Metrics

Last but not least, we recommend that while you prepare everything for your home improvement marketing strategy, you must also get ready for unexpected bumps in the road. In general, when you first launch a PPC campaign, results can take some time, given that it is a very competitive market out there. As part of the first few days since running an ad campaign, you need to keep an eye out for irrelevant traffic.

Expect the unexpected when planning your home improvement marketing strategy. You have to stay on top of trends that could enhance your campaign, such as keyword expansion and increased click-through rates (CTR). There are many methods and strategies out there; you just have to find out the one that works for you and your goals. Push and pull marketing strategies could become an alternative way for you.

Sharpen Your Home Improvement Marketing

At the end of the day, if you plan and prepare for your home improvement marketing, you can rest assured that performance will only go uphill.

As a quick recap, here are the tips that you can apply to your home improvement strategy:

  • Implement price extensions in your ads for better visibility.
  • Display your business’s areas of service categories.
  • Include reviews of previous satisfied customers.
  • Keep an eye out for fluctuating metrics.

Improving your digital marketing approach can be a fresh take on your business lead volume. If the basics discussed still leave you pondering your home improvement marketing, consider maximizing its efficiency through expert management.