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Discover Your Ideal Audience Through Home Improvement Marketing



Home improvement businesses cater to a specific group of customers such as those interested in fixing their homes, through reparation, installation, or maintenance. With digital marketing for home improvement, businesses can take advantage of the diverse ways to target ideal customers. Whether it’s on Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, you have the ability to choose who gets to see your business’s ads based on their location, interests, demographics, and even the device they’re using to browse online.

Putting Together A Strategy For Targeting

Targeting relevant audiences with PPC for your business is fast and easy. You have control of user segments and data collected for your business’s online advertising audience.

How Can You Find The Perfect Audience For Your Home Improvement Marketing?

Today, people browse online based on what they’re interested in buying and that includes products, materials or services for their home improvement and repair projects. Some examples of common search queries that potential customers are browsing for online include the installation of floors, plumbing fixtures, HVAC maintenance, painting and landscaping services, and much more.

Digital marketing allows you to seamlessly relate to your customers and buyer persona to continue attracting new customers. These potential customers are also very likely to want to visit your website if you have a good advertising campaign that matches a website with relevant information of what they are searching for.

Home improvement marketing has evolved and adapted to be competitive through pay-per-click campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising to ensure you’re using the right targeting to match the buyer persona you want to attract to your business and that results in consultations and contracts.

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What Audience Types Are Available?

Luckily for your business, there are multiple audience segments that you can select to target with your advertising campaigns. The audience types available include Affinity Audiences, In-market Audiences, Detailed Demographics, and Remarketing audiences (based on your account data and previous website interactions).

Now that we’ve listed available audience types, let’s go through each one of them to see what they’re all about.

Google Ads Audience Types

All in all, audience targeting on Google and Microsoft Ads is beneficial for granular advertising, making sure you reach your perfect audience.

What Targeting Options Are Available?

There’s more when it comes to audience segments and targeting to reach online customers. Audience targeting is just one way in which you can target your ideal customers with PPC.

Audience targeting is crucial to targeting relevant customers. Take a closer look at other targeting options:

PPC Target Options For Audiences

Now that you are familiarized with the three main types of targeting options, you can start implementing them in your strategy for your home improvement marketing campaigns to attract your ideal audience.

How Do You Attract Customers To Your Business?

Most people that show interest in home improvement businesses are already researching online and looking for installation tutorials or going through client testimonials to assess which roofing contractor to hire for their project.

The best way in which you can attract your ideal audience is through a home improvement marketing strategy for your ads. Make your brand and business stand out from the rest of your competitors online. You will need to analyze competitiveness in the market, fluctuation in cost per click, which at times won’t always be cheap. However, when you put cost per click into perspective, that one-click could become a lead from a client wanting to hire your services in the near future.

Innovate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Pay-per-click advertising in digital marketing helps small business owners find relevant audiences through refined targeting. Whether it’s on Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, it is easy to target people based on their location, interests and demographics. The benefit of targeting an ideal audience is the ability to finetune digital marketing efforts to users who show interest in the services your business offers based on their browsing habits and active search queries.

With a strong digital marketing strategy and expert PPC account management, you can find the ideal audience your home improvement business seeks. Want more? Learn more about how your business can attract the right audience by subscribing to our blog.