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The Secret Behind Home Services Is PPC

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



No matter the industry, if you want to beat out your competition, you are going to need to invest in your business and your customers, old and new.

If you’re in the Home Services industry, PPC is important because your business will want to connect with people at the right moment to provide timely solutions for users. 

Why Pay-Per-Click?

This is where PPC comes in. PPC is the most important marketing tactic as it will raise awareness of your services and connect with potential consumers when they are in desperate need of a home repair or looking for a handyman.

How Does It Work?

For example, let’s say Josh came home to a plumbing disaster. He is in dire need of a home service provider. He quickly looks up on his phone, evaluates the banners that came up and clicks one of the ads that most caught his attention. That’s where you need to be. 

When someone is searching for a contractor or is eagerly looking for information regarding a specific home repair service, your PPC strategy will place your advertisement so the user can see it, connect with you, and contact you.

The great thing about PPC is that it will rely entirely on whether or not the user clicks. If the user clicks on your ad, you pay. If they don’t, you don’t.

How Do You Apply PPC to Your Business?

Various components come into play with organic traffic and get your brand on the top of a user’s Google search. Naturally, working with an agency as they don’t have to worry about no learning curve is an option. Agencies have the understanding and expertise to jumpstart your campaigns, boost traffic, and begin to position your brand. 

Regardless if you will be hiring an agency or you are going to tackle PPC on your own, you’ll want to learn more about some of the following points:

Mobile vs. Desktop

With PPC advertising, the location and device of a user will direct the user to different ads. Searches performed on a mobile phone will include local service ads, while searches from a desktop can be displayed differently because purchase intent is significantly higher if they are in the area.

Other Resources

Moreover, once you understand PPC, you will know how it works with other elements such as landing pages. Landing pages are critical to completing a sale. 

White Shark Media work with partners to provide recommendations to minimize friction for the user and create a flow between the ad and the brand’s website. 


Selecting the right keywords will make sure you are targeting the right people with your PPC campaigns. Both of these criteria will help you craft the right message for the people looking up your services:

  • Home repair
  • Home services
  • Home cleaning
  • Contractors
  • Plumbing disaster
  • Handyman

It will also help you determine which words to exclude (negative keywords). You’ll be able to exclude undesirable traffic. For each of these topics, the negative words will include locations where you don’t want the ads to be seen. This includes similarly names or postal codes. You may even narrow it down to what local areas you want to exclude. For example, when you don’t want your paid ads to show up for people looking for jobs, you can exclude “job” by implementing it as a negative keyword.

  • Home repair, home services, and home cleaning: Flagging “Commercial” will help limit users looking for services in residences.
  • Contractors: Contractors should add all the services that are not included in their business. Since the term has a general meaning, you’ll have to narrow down, so you aren’t spending on irrelevant traffic. 
  • Plumbing disaster: This insinuates an emergency. What will need to align is the match type (whether it’s broad match modifier, phrase, or an exact term) with the word ‘disaster’ so Google catches it.
  • Handyman: Similar to contractors, you’ll want to indicate all the services that you don’t provide and include them in your negative keywords, so you aren’t spending on these searches.

If you aren’t working with an agency, using keyword tools will help you master this task.


Though there is a case for PPC in every business model, the Home Services industry is extremely dependent on being in the right place at the right time. PPC campaigns help businesses connect with people who are in need of their services when disaster strikes or when the time is right for a repair. Use PPC as part of your strategy for the next time a customer is in search of a local contractor. Even if they know your business, when the time comes, you’ll want to make sure they see your ad on their search results above your competitor ad!


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