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Healthcare PPC: How To Increase Patient During Off-Season

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Christopher Davidson, M.D. is a renowned Harvard trained plastic surgeon. He is the founder of the Plastic Surgery Center, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Davidson and his team of aesthetic professionals have been servicing the greater Boston area for over eight years, offering a variety of cosmetic procedures for the face, neck, and body. 

But like all businesses, PPC contributes to a great deal of the traffic on websites as well as in person. Having been unsatisfied with other agencies, Dr. Davidson turned to White Shark Media with the intention of increasing the number of patients and offset the seasonality of his business.

Before moving forward, our team reviewed his previous objectives and how this was reflected in the set up and execution of each of his campaigns. Our teams identified the following issues with previous PPC management:

  • Campaigns did not have sufficient call or conversion tracking installed.  
  • Campaigns were targeting the wrong audience through his search campaign with a high cost per conversion of almost $1,000.  
  • Campaigns were accruing irrelevant traffic and producing almost no ROI.

Campaign Goals

Dr. Davidson was presented with three simple objectives to tackle current hold ups and turn his campaigns around: 

  • To track phone calls and form submissions through his website.  
  • To reach a cost per conversion of under $100, and obtain at least 20 highly qualified leads per month.  
  • To stay in the top three positions in the SERPs and outrank the competition.

Our Solution

1) Service-Specific Campaigns

We created four different campaigns, two campaigns specific to breast surgery and the other two campaigns for plastic surgery. One of the two breast surgery campaigns was in broad match modifier (BMM), and the other was in exact match. The same was applied to the plastic surgery campaigns.  This allowed us to measure the performance of each match type. As a result, the plastic surgery campaign in exact match proved to be too expensive. Thus, we removed it. We created service-specific ad groups for Dr. Davidson’s top selling procedures. For instance, Boston breast implants, tummy tuck cosmetic surgery, breast reduction surgery Boston, etc. 

2) Geo-Targeted Keywords to Attract Patients

We used geo-targeted keywords such as Boston, bos, Massachusetts, mass, etc., and paired them with the different services Dr. Davidson offers to ensure highly qualified leads.  For instance, we used the following variations: +breast +lift +ma, tummy tuck +boston, +breast +implants +boston, etc. 

3) Leveraging Differentiators

Dr. Davidson graduated from Harvard Medical School. We included this information in our ads to highlight the prestige of Dr. Davidson’s services and transmit confidence in his practice. 

4) Call and Conversion Tracking

Dr. Davidson uses a “Contact Us Today” form on his website. We installed call and conversion tracking to measure calls and conversions that occur on his website through Google Ads

The Results: Booked All Year!

We surpassed all the goals we established at the beginning of our relationship. In just the first few months, we could see a drastic change in the number of calls and conversions for Dr. Davidson. We started getting 10-15 leads per month, and now we’re getting 50-70 leads per month. Conversions increased by 115%, and cost per conversion decreased by 21%.

Graphic of the results -Conversions and Cost per Conversion

Additionally, we have achieved a remarkable profit margin. One procedure could cost up to $5,000, and we were able to decrease the cost per conversion to $46, allowing for a potential 99% average profit margin. Plastic surgeons experience some sales seasonality during the year, but we have been able to offset this with our advertising efforts. Dr. Davidson is booked for the entire year.


Unlike past campaigns, these yielded the results and high ROI that Dr. Davidson was looking for. This increase in conversion rates and the decrease in cost-per-conversion demonstrates the positive impact this partnership has had on Dr. Davidson’s practice. To learn more about PPC management, contact us!

“I have been a client of White Shark Media and have worked with Ana Morales for nearly a year. I have been exceptionally pleased with their performance. I have seen my average ad position increase and the cost per click decreased. The number and quality of leads that I now receive through my campaign have improved significantly. I am very pleased to have enlisted Anna and White Shark Media’s assistance. They have been a pleasure to deal with, are always accessible, and have been consistently very responsive. Their services have delivered a terrific return on investment.” 

Christopher Davidson, M.D | Owner