Multiplying Conversions by 307% in the Home Builders Industry

Antonella Saravia

2 weeks ago

Pay-per-click is an excellent way for the home builder industry to reach new customers. Our team at White Shark Media has had the pleasure of working alongside several companies over the years. 

Recently, our strategists worked closely with Lafferty Communities, a luxury custom home builder company located in various locations within California. 

Buyers can select the amenities through the construction process. Lafferty Communities provides an elevated experience as details are handcrafted and personalized to the client’s needs and preferences. 

The Overview

Lafferty Communities approached our team intending to generate leads for their sites. However, they were uncertain about effectively targeting their ideal audience, potential custom home buyers. We reviewed this closely with the team to address it in our strategy. 

A quick dive into leads: How well PPC campaigns perform relies on driving the right traffic to the desired site. When White Shark Media strategists speak to “generating leads,” they are referring to the various points that lead to conversions:

  • Create messaging for your intended audience
  • Driving the right traffic to your site
  • Optimizing a site for users interested in your product or service
  • All so users can convert on the decided action (calling, filling in a form, or buying something if you are in the e-commerce industry). 

The Business Objective

Together, we agreed on two goals for the campaign: 

  • Increasing leads
  • Surpassing the current lead generation performance, ranging between 5 and 20 leads per month

Adding markers such as the monthly count helps the team pinpoint progress on conversion optimizations.

Our Approach

Below, we take a closer look at each of the strategies that our team activated and note on why they were leveraged for this client.

Keyword segmentation across ad groups within campaigns

Why use keyword segmentation? Keyword segmentation helps narrow down search intent by specific terms. Strategists can improve targeting based on insights, increasing the probability of matching with the right audiences and making the campaign more cost-effective.

Brand awareness strategy implementation through Display ads

Why use Display Ads? Display ads work wonders for brand awareness as they promote (and feature) products or services through text, images, and the desired URL for users to take action.

Example of a Display Ad by Progressive

Targeted previous website visitors through remarketing campaigns

Why use remarketing campaigns? Remarketing campaigns are a second chance. Advertisers can create a list of the visitors who have visited their homepage throughout the last few weeks. They then tailor and serve a follow-up message to them, hoping they are motivated to take action.

Added an extensive negative keyword list to prevent irrelevant traffic

Why use negative keywords? Negative keyword lists allow you to exclude terms from your search campaign. This helps ensure that your ads only show up for relevant queries and reduces wasted clicks on bad leads. 

Bi-weekly optimizations focused on enhancing top-performing elements

Why are biweekly optimizations beneficial? Biweekly optimizations allow strategists to gather data on account performance. A close watch will ensure they capture opportunities as soon as they are revealed.

The Results

In this case, our years of account management contributed significantly to increasing conversion volume. Our seasoned strategists crafted a mix of different campaign strategies that proved effective despite the relatively small budget for this industry. 

Since managing their account, we’ve seen the following results:

 Data Comparision of a client's account performance before and after working with White Shark Media.

As you can see, metrics saw a positive boost across the board:

  • Increased Clicks by 184%
  • Lowered Avg. CPC by 26%
  • Increased CTR by 55%
  • Increased Conversions by 307%
  • Decreased CPA by 48%

As mentioned, experience is critical to achieving your goals in an ever-evolving industry. Whether your ads are focused on the home builders industry or retail, it’s possible to leverage the right formats and messaging to reach your audience.

If you have similarities with the case above and want to leverage pay-per-click to achieve your goals, visit us for more on our white-label PPC services.