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The PPC Ad Extensions That Do the Trick in the Competitive Home Services Advertising Space

Miguel Saballos

2 years ago



The truth is that in this day and age, almost everyone aims to stay at home, and for this and many other reasons, PPC is more relevant than ever. But, at this point, you might already know how effective digital advertising is and all you can do with it to put your business on the map.

Whether you believe it or not, Home Services is one of the industries in which digital marketing has had a greater impact. Let me put it this way…

What do you do when you need to hire someone to get something fixed at home?

For most people, the answer would be “online search.” The best way for a business to stay visible and get new customers is by building a solid online presence.

Tips to Using Your Competitor's Name as Keyword to Attract More Customers

According to our digital marketing experts, one of the elements that will help you create high-quality home services campaigns and drive more conversions is setting up crucial PPC ad extensions.

Where Are You Located?

When consumers are looking for home services, there is usually a sense of urgency and a need to find the most practical solution. This is why “your location” is the first thing you need to mark off your checklist. Besides actually being conveniently located, you need to make your address as visible as possible for your customers.

Keep in mind that these local queries usually entail high commercial intent, which means that not using these extensions might be a costly mistake.

How Can They Reach Out?

Watch out! This is one of the things that you never want to miss. Suppose you are the perfect option for a customer desperately looking for the services you offer, but since your contact number is not visible and there is no time to waste, they just reach out to one of your competitors. Believe me! This happens, so make sure it never happens to you.

By enabling call extensions, you become an accessible option, and you also encourage users to contact you in a simple and fast way. You can use this extension in two ways; by displaying your phone number if it’s a desktop search and also by enabling a call button for mobile devices.

And guess what the best part is? This will not represent additional costs since a click on the “call button” is the same as if they click on an ad.

call extensions stats


Make sure to enable call tracking to monitor your calls and get valuable insights that will help you optimize your campaigns for success.

Are You Even Good? Prove It!

As you might know, some customers are not that easy. You would need to display information that captures their attention and demonstrates why you are the best option.

With site link extensions, you can direct your customers to landing pages that are crucial for convincing consumers that you are the right choice. For instance, you could lead them to “Testimonials” or “About Us,” which are the places where they can get to know more about you.

Additionally, you could use these PPC ad extensions to drive most of the traffic to the pages that are more relevant to you, whether those are the pages where you display your premium products and services or where you believe that you can get the most valuable conversions, for example, your “Contact Us” page.

Lure Them To Go For It

One of the most important things you need to have in mind when it comes to buying or acquisition is that variety matters. Your potential customers would always want to see different options even if, in the end, they just need one product or service.

Structure Snippets help display a set of options depending on the nature of your business. You could show products, services, locations, destinations, and more. 

Moreover, you would also want to display unique selling propositions to guarantee that all those searchers become customers. Callout extensions are perfect for displaying the things that add value to your offers, and that will make you stand out from your competitors, so don’t forget to include them.

Show Them What They Can Expect

Words are powerful, but one good image says more than one thousand words. Image extensions are ideal for uploading compelling visuals to complement your ads and drive performance by displaying high-quality images related to your offers.

With these PPC ad extensions, you can upload up to 20 images to give that final touch to your ads.

Home Services Advertising At White Shark Media

Adding effective ad extensions is a must to guarantee the success of your digital campaigns. But you also need to be mindful that this is just a tiny fraction of the entire campaign’s creation process. We have many blogs with updated content for home services that will help you create and manage your PPC campaigns as a pro.

Our digital marketing agency has also helped many home services companies across North America gain a solid online presence. But the facts speak for themselves, so check out the case below!

A pest control company trusted our team to manage their PPC campaigns. They were initially focused on lead generation and brand positioning. So this what how our team handled it:

  • Creating multiple search campaigns, including a branded campaign, a general campaign to target pest control-related keywords, and one campaign per service provided.
  • Launching a display campaign to increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Enabling site links, callouts, structured snippets, and call extensions to improve ad visibility and engagement
  • Using in-market audiences such as pest control, home cleaning, and home inspection services to target users with purchase intent.

The results?

Within five months, our team could provide outstanding results to the business. We could outrank the competition with an impressive online share of 67%.

We also achieved the following results:

home services case study

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