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Why PPC Is More Relevant Than Ever In The Home Services Industry



During the pandemic, we saw more people opting to stay home than risk going out and getting infected. And with this rising trend of staying home, more people, in general, started resorting to going online and browsing things they saw were missing in their homes or needed fixing and maintenance.

All in all, the pandemic opened up the doors for Home Services businesses to advertise what they offer and keep getting contracts. In turn, more people decided that it was time to finally repair that roof leak they’ve been putting off or install that new air conditioning system that they’ve been wanting to do for some time. This is one of the many reasons why pay-per-click advertising is more relevant than ever within the Home Services industry. Users are more inclined to hire a roofing contractor, for example, after researching online about their services and reading through other customer reviews and testimonials.

The following are the main reasons why PPC can have a long-lasting impact on your business for the better within the Home Services industry.

  • Increase your revenue
  • Broaden your business’s reach
  • Finetune your target audience
  • Gain competitive advantage

Increase Your Revenue

PPC has positively impacted the marketing for the Home Services industry. Thanks to PPC, home services companies can take the spotlight for people looking to contract them and thus, increase the chances of getting more revenue from leads online. Pay-per-click, in general, proves to be highly beneficial for businesses to promote their brand online while they create more loyal customers going back to contract them or refer their friends to them.

Not only that, PPC is an essential part of building a digital presence for your brand and business while earning a spot on the search engine results page on both Google and Microsoft networks. While a common misconception, you don’t need to invest a load of money to see results with pay-per-click advertising. Actually, PPC can become a cost-effective way to get your business and ads in front of people that are genuinely interested in hiring you.

Broaden Your Reach

Time and time again has proven that PPC advertising can get home services companies ads in front of an audience that would be otherwise untapped through traditional advertising methods. A good digital marketing strategy can attract the attention of new potential customers that wouldn’t be able to know about your business if it wasn’t for PPC.

Broadening the reach of your home services marketing also gives you the advantage over your competitors that might not be doing PPC advertising yet.

We’ve seen people are more likely to go online and look for reliable and trustworthy businesses based on their client testimonials. PPC can easily put your business in a place where people browsing through your website will continue to interact with your brand until they decide to take action and get a consultation from your company.

Finetune Your Target Audience

Our next big reason why it’s so important to do pay-per-click advertising for your Home Services business is that you can effectively target your ideal audience. PPC enables businesses to be able to finetune their advertising campaigns to show up for people in specific age ranges, demographics, interests, and more!

Finetuning your target audience means that you can explore among more than one group of people and A/B test which ones bring you the best results. Your target audience really is just a click away with pay-per-click, and it also makes it easier to weed out any irrelevant traffic. Unlike traditional advertising, digital marketing can bring you in front of perfect potential customers who are already actively searching for the services that your business offers.

Gain Competitive Advantage

What better way to surpass your business competitors than by moving into digital marketing? Your Home Services business can enhance its marketing efforts through PPC and gain a competitive advantage. Many Home Services companies out there are yet to discover the power and potential of digital marketing. So, why wait?

By going into PPC, your business can increase its lead volume significantly while drifting away from irrelevant traffic, thanks to proactive account management. Putting your business on the map will also place you on the same page as other companies that offer similar services. No matter the size of your business, you’ll get to make the most out of online exposure to people who find your website relevant and helpful for what they’re trying to invest in.

And it doesn’t end there. Coming up, we’ll throw in one more reason why PPC is important for your Home Services business.

*Bonus* You Get All The Control

A big plus of PPC is that if an advertising campaign isn’t performing well, it can be easily adjusted to upgrade its performance. Tracking progress and performance in PPC can be seamless if you know precisely what each metric does and how it can influence your overall business goals. It is refreshing to see and know that your budget can be managed with ad campaigns so that overspending is avoided and rules or scripts are set up for those tasks.

Since you can adjust anything within the campaign, you also get all the control in optimizing it to perform better. Besides having all the control, you can easily test what ad works best within your campaign. A/B testing compares performance against two or more ads and tracks which one gets more clicks, impressions, and conversions.

With PPC, Home Services marketing can have more manageable budget control and, as we mentioned before, avoid any overspend. Plus, unlike other industries, the home services industry has proven to be one of the most underrated. Thus, the cost-per-click can be favorable to your specific business market. This being said, there are industry benchmarks that you need to keep in mind when you decide to invest in PPC for your home services business.

Here are some of the popular industry benchmarks within the Home Services industry.

  • Plumbing Companies have an average cost-per-click of $8.67
  • Roofing Companies have an average cost-per-click of $9.03
  • HVAC Companies have an average cost-per-click of $8.94
  • Pest Control Companies have an average cost-per-click of $6.55
  • Landscaping Companies have an average cost-per-click of $4.10

Learn More About PPC In The Home Services Industry

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“The Secret Behind Home Services Is PPC”


Going digital might just be one of the greatest things to happen for Home Services marketing in this day and age. Digital marketing pushes the boundaries of how often you can show your ads to your target audience while keeping your brand at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). This isn’t the only advantage of digital marketing. As a quick recap, our main reasons of why PPC is more relevant than ever for Home Services businesses are the following:

  • PPC increases the chances of your business getting more leads online and thus, increasing your revenue.
  • PPC can help you expand your business’s reach to capture a larger audience that is actively searching for the services you offer.
  • PPC allows you to finetune your target audience and weed out irrelevant traffic that will help you reduce costs.
  • PPC can bring your home services business a competitive advantage over competitors that haven’t switched to digital marketing yet.
  • PPC will give you power over your business’s ad spend and bid control.
  • At the end of the day, you have a better chance to keep growing your revenue through pay-per-click advertising and capitalizing on those leads. Investing in PPC for your home services businesses can help you get more contracts and prosper with more eyes on your brand.