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75% Decrease in CPA by Implementing the Right PPC Strategy

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Most business owners struggle with Google Ads. Working with an agency can show considerable improvement in the first month, which is what happened to Wellington Goulart, the owner of Art Stone Granite & Marble. Serving the Atlanta and metro area, Art Stone Granite and Marble specialize in the fabrication and installation of granite, marble, and quartz countertops. Wellington had been working with another agency to manage his Google Ads account and wasn’t doing as well as he’d hoped.

After meeting with us, we were able to determine the challenges he was facing as well as the campaign goals he wanted to establish. Check out our break up provided below:


In past campaigns, there hadn’t been sufficient call or conversion tracking installed. Our team found that on more than one occasion, he was targeting the wrong audience through his search campaign with a low CTR of just 0.75%. This meant that the campaign was accruing little and irrelevant traffic and producing almost no ROI.

Once the problems were evident, we moved towards Wellington’s ideal scenario and listed out the objectives that would be measured month over month.

Campaign Goals

With all the obstacles considered, our team of experts identified three goals that would help Wellington grow his business with the help of Google Ads:  

  • To track phone calls and form submissions through his website.  
  • To achieve a CPA of $100 (phone calls and form submissions combined).  
  • To stay in the top three positions in the SERPs and outrank the competition.

Our Solution

Once we established the objectives, it was easier for our strategists to create an approach plan. Below are the changes applied to Wellington’s account:

1) Bid More Aggressively Based on Location 

Our primary focus was to bid more aggressively using the cities and areas Wellington usually gets more business from to ensure the ads had a relevant audience. For instance, we used the following variations: 

  • granite Atlanta  
  • granite countertops  
  • Kennesaw GA

2) Install 360-Degree Tracking 

Wellington uses a “Free Estimate Request” form on his website. We installed call and conversion tracking to measure calls and conversions happening on his website through Google Ads.

3) Product-Specific Ad Groups 

Since Art Stone Granite & Marble is a local business, we focused on combining the names of the leading products with all the different cities we were targeting. We decided to focus only on his main products: granite, marble, quartz. We then structured these keywords in different ad groups and paired them with city names to make the ads more effective.

The Results

As phone calls and quote submissions kept increasing in the first couple of months, the positive impact of Google Ads on Wellington’s business was apparent.

Art Stone Granite & Marble has significantly increased their volume of phone calls by 24% while decreasing their cost per lead by 75%, from $190.97 to $47.16 in the first quarter of the year. Wellington is pleased about the performance of his Google Ads campaign and thanked us for our hard work and consistent delivery of outstanding results.

In five months, we were able to improve overall campaign metrics and generate more business for Art Stone Granite & Marble:

  • Conversion increased by 458%
  • Cost/Conversions decreased by 75%
  • Conversion rate increased by 424%
  • Calls increased by 24%
  • Average ad position of 2.1


In all vital campaign metrics, Art Stone Granite & Marble has experienced drastic improvements. This robust, aggressive approach to campaign building had yielded exciting results, and Art Stone is pleased with the high return generated by their investment. Click here for more information on Home Services PPC management today!

“I have been working with White Shark Media for over a year now, and I have to say that my overall experience has been magnificent. My initial experience with Google Ads was not that great. After White Shark Media took over, I began to see a considerable improvement from month to month. In the first month, we generated 60 leads. In just a 7 month period, we were able to increase our leads up to 173 per month. I have not just tripled the number of leads under the same budget, but with the help of Yamil, we have been able to reduce our cost per acquisition by more than half. I would highly recommend White Shark Media to any small business.” 

Wellington Goulart

Art Stone Granite & Marble | Owner




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