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How to Increase Visitor Engagement on Your Website

White Shark Media

7 years ago



No matter the industry, target market, or size, competing for the attention of Internet users is a constant battle. Pushing to improve the number of visitors to your site, and hopefully improve the number of leads and conversions once people visit the site, is extremely important – but it can get complicated.

If you’re having a difficult time attracting visitors to your website or turning them into high-quality leads once they’re there, you should consider switching up your strategy. Here, we will discuss strategies to increase visitor engagement on your website, as well as provide a case study of these strategies put in practice.

Strategy: Allocate Your Budget Strategically

 One of the great benefits of pay per click (PPC) advertising, a common method to improve web traffic, is that it doesn’t cost much to start. However, since PPC involves bidding on keywords, it’s important to be careful. Since certain industries are especially competitive, keyword costs can get steep. Make sure to allocate your budget to generate the best results you can with a good ROI.

Strategy: Use Geo-Targeted Keywords

 In order to increase visitor engagement on your website and generate healthy leads, you need to get them to your site first. Having your website come up on the first page of search results is one of the best ways to attract new visitors – and geo-targeted keyword research for SEO purposes is one of the best ways to move your site up the search result rankings.

Bid on keywords that your local target audience would search for, and use those keywords on your website. You can focus on potential local customers by including zip codes and city names as keywords, for example.

Strategy: Optimize Your Website to Create Conversions

 Once visitors reach your website, you need to keep them engaged to increase the potential of them becoming customers. To maximize engagement, include content that’s helpful to visitors like tutorials, how-to articles, and reviews.

Also, make sure that your website is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Set up clear menus and headings, include images, and keep the formatting uniform. If your site isn’t attractive or easy to read, then people will go somewhere else and you’ll lose out on potential leads.

Strategy: Track Everything

 When changing up your website strategy, it’s important to keep track of what works. Pay attention to what keywords are being used to get to your site, which pages are popular, your top exit pages, bounce rates, and more. If you aren’t looking at this analytics, you can miss important information about how to better engage visitors.

Case Study: Allocate Your Budget Strategically

 White Shark Media worked with The Longo Law Firm to improve their website visitor engagement and conversions. One of the first steps to implementing a new website plan was to go over the firm’s budget and make strategic allocations.

Since the legal industry is competitive, resulting in high prices for keywords, White Shark Media representatives carefully chose certain keywords that would deliver the highest ROI without breaking the bank. By focusing on only The Longo Firm’s most profitable services, they created tightly themed ad groups and keyword variations based on those themes. This enabled the firm to ensure that every penny spent was targeted and effective.

Case Study: Use Geo-Targeted Keywords

 White Shark Media then designed a geo-targeted keyword strategy to attract local visitors to The Longo Law Firm website. By focusing on zip codes and other geographic keywords, they were able to get more clicks from the people most likely to use the firm’s services.

Case Study: Optimize Your Website to Create Conversions

 To improve the firm’s ads, White Shark Media used ad extensions to provide additional information, make the ads more attractive, and improve their visibility. They also set up one web page per product to improve site navigation and turned the frequently asked questions into articles and tutorials to promote user engagement.

 Case Study: Track Everything

The Longo Law Firm’s owner wasn’t using tracking at all, so the team analyzed metrics on nearly every aspect of their website. They regularly identified aspects of the strategy that weren’t working, like unprofitable keywords and locations, and removed them. They also identified the best-working elements and capitalized on them as much as possible.

Further, White Shark Media set up call tracking and conversion tracking for the website’s contact forms so they could see how much the increased number of visitors led to valuable customer activity.

Case Study Results

 In six months, the number of calls generated increased by 360%, the conversion rate increased by 93.7%, and the ROI was six to one. Overall, The Longo Law Firm met its goals of increasing the number of leads and conversions through White Shark Media’s intervention.

Increasing visitor engagement on your company website is a great way to see significant results in increased ROI. If you want to see the full case study for more information on how to implement these strategies, click on the image below.

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