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How To Use SEO and PPC To Increase Website Visibility – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

9 years ago



In this Shark Bite, Tony talks about how using SEO and PPC together can do wonders to your overall search performance. He discusses how if you combine these efforts, you will be able to:

– Increase your website visibility

– Share keyword data across both mediums

– Test ad copy and keywords

– Improve quality score

We hope you enjoyed this Shark Bite, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us in the comment section bellow. See you next time!

Video Transcription

Hi, everyone. I’m Tony Soares, and in this week’s Shark Bite, we’re going to be going over how to use SEO and PPC together to increase your website’s visibility.

Combining your SEO and PPC efforts can have a massive effect on your overall search performance. With the two combined, you can increase your site’s visibility, you can share keyword data across both mediums, you can test ad copy and test keywords, and you can combat bad quality score. The most obvious benefit of having SEO and PPC together is the added visibility.

With your top three paid results and a number one organic result, you get the benefit of having more click throughs from just dominating the search results and also on inherent trust that comes from having paid and organic together. The person who was looking at your results will notice that you’re relevant enough to show up organically, but your business is striving enough to have digital advertising efforts.

Another benefit to having SEO and PPC working together is that you can leverage both of their keyword data information. You can use the impressions, the click through rates, the cost per click from PPC to figure out what words you should be going after with the organic traffic. Inversely, you can use the long term data you get from SEO to understand how that PPC traffic that you created is going.

Overall, having more data, it’s just easier to make better decisions when you can base it on actual facts. Following that theme with data, the next thing you want to do is use SEO and PPC to test your keywords. The easiest way to do this is to test them via PPC. Use your AdWords profile to test keywords, ad copy, meta titles, meta descriptions, things that would take a significantly longer time to test with SEO due to crawling, indexing, you can do it very quickly and get real results and then use that for your efforts on the SEO side.

The last real benefit of using SEO and PPC together is you can combat bad quality score. What you can do is take any of the PPC keywords you’re having bad quality score for or bad conversion rates, bad engagement, and use that to create SEO landing pages where you can increase your quality score by having more relevant content and call the actions that your visitors can use. This will overall increase your quality score, lower your cost per click, and make both efforts better.

To sum it up, you can use your SEO and PPC together to increase your site’s visibility, check the data from both sources to get better ideas on what’s going on, test your keywords, test your AdWords, and combat bad quality score.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave the comments down below or come and check out See you next time.

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