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by | Oct 23, 2018 | blog

First of all thank you, for continuing to trust our company with managing your Google and Bing campaigns. When White Shark Media was founded,  we had a dream of building the world’s most transparent and value-adding PPC agency for low and mid-market business.

We were passionate, hungry and ambitious. We grew from zero to more than a thousand clients within the first four years (2010-2014). We became the 20th premier Google partner in the US (quite the achievement back then!) and Bing the year after.

The following years, our ambitions got the better of us and we added more products and services than we could manage. We were drowning in a lack of focus and became inconsistent. We focused on growth, scaling, and hiring instead of paying full attention to the fantastic clients who had placed their trust in us.

After a couple of years away, I re-joined White Shark Media a little over 12 months ago. At that time, we started to renew. We redefined ourselves and who we wanted to be as a company.

One important decision we made was to really focus. We came to the conclusion that we would rather master one product group, rather than being the jack of all trades. So today, all we do is PPC, with Google and Bing products. We cannot offer it all, but what we do offer, we will do better than most.

We have a renewed focus on our service to you. Just like it’s not enough to get great food at a restaurant, you also need great service to complete the experience; the same applies to our industry. For me,  good is not enough; we really need to become the greatest.

To get there, we took one essential step. We are really opening up communication with our clients.

As mentioned in the last message from me, we’ll soon launch our Vlog: WSM Under The Surface. Under the surface here at White Shark Media, it’s full of life, passion, integrity, and care for customers and what we do. We want to proudly show you that, and how’re we’re building an operation of quality and consistency.

Newsletters, just like this one today, and much more technical content will come on a regular basis. Because we believe that we have some of the best product people in the world, they will proudly share much more so we can keep you better informed on the Google and Bing advertising product arena.

We also launched a partnership with Delighted on CSAT surveys. You should have received the first and simple survey (1-5  rating + note). It has already been incredibly helpful! To those who have taken the time to do so, thank you so much for reviewing us. Even some of the negative feedback has been really well received and informative. Knowing what we do wrong gives us the power to identify a  potential weakness and then fix it.

Soon, we will start out sending a monthly survey, with 2-3 questions every time. If you have time, we really want your feedback consistently.

Thank you for being a client with us. We truly care about the trust you have placed with us and we will never take it for granted.

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Author: Alexander Nygart

Alexander Nygart

White Shark Media's Co-Founder & CEO, Alexander Nygart, is a passionate sales and marketing veteran, with more than 15 years of experience in starting media companies from the ground up.

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