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by | Oct 23, 2018 | blog

We are excited to share today the first edition of our Partner Newsletter!

After years of consideration and planning, 18 months ago we launched our Partner Program full scale. We hope this has allowed you to focus on your customers while trusting that the management of your accounts is in safe hands with our expert team here at WSM.

Even though we believe that we have been off to a good start, we are always looking to improve and strengthen the value that we provide our Partners. In fact, we’re not satisfied before we can call ourselves a category leader within our space.

As of today, we will start by sharing insights on our plans to strengthen our solution as well as the benefits and experiences we hope to create for our partners and their clients. Throughout the process, we’ll be asking for your feedback through our newly launched CSAT Surveys, via the Delighted platform.

Your submissions will be analyzed by the senior leadership team of our Strategic Partnership department and myself. Your input is very valuable for us and we welcome it all; the good, the bad and the ugly. I also invite you to reach out to me directly if you have anything you would like to elaborate on to help improve our solution. I welcome it and look forward to the individual sessions.

This Quarter we have invested in additional developers to improve and make our Partner Portal a critical communication and collaboration tool. We are also working with Google and Bing to add more content to our library of sales and marketing collateral. And finally, we have invested heavily in video production capabilities and throughout Q4 we’ll produce several series of videos for sales enablement and product explainers with the aim of making the onboarding of new customers easier for both your agency and WSM.

I hope you’ll find all of the above valuable.

Thank you for being a WSM partner. We don’t take it for granted and with a massive focus on becoming a leader in our category + your feedback, we’re sure that we’ll make our solution better for you and your clients.

Best Regard,

Alexander Nygart

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Author: Alexander Nygart

Alexander Nygart

White Shark Media's Co-Founder & CEO, Alexander Nygart, is a passionate sales and marketing veteran, with more than 15 years of experience in starting media companies from the ground up.

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