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Case Study: Increase Your Tour Bookings With PPC

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Marco García, owner of Inter Viajes NY, wanted to counterattack the effects of low seasonality on his business and position himself in the local market. Located in NYC, he was at the center of booming tourism, and competition. His advantages are also his obstacles, which is why he reached out to White Shark Media to get expert help to manage his Google Ads campaigns.

Marco’s tours operate in Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia and New York. They promote personalized tours to small groups for an affordable price. They target the Spanish and Latin-American market. Easy sell, right? 

Having a useful and relevant product isn’t always enough. Read on to learn what issues he was facing and how we worked together to solve them.


Inter Viajes NY was experiencing a decrease in bookings. Their PPC strategy proved ineffective. After reviewing the account, it was clear that their marketing strategy was targeting the wrong audience, incurring little to no ROI. The New York, Washington D.C. and Boston areas experience a great deal of tourism and competition is high, but this also means that there is a great deal of opportunity they weren’t accessing. 

Campaign Goals

Our Digital Media Strategist, set out to establish objectives with Marco from InterViajes NY that would allow him to grow his business with the aid of Google Ads. They would start by focusing their efforts on the following goals: 

  • To increase traffic, calls, and online quotes.  
  • To turn at least 10% of clicks into conversions.  
  • To stay in the top three positions in the SERPs and outrank the competition.

​Our Solution

All-Around Tracking 

We installed call and conversion tracking to measure the number of calls and prospective customers requesting a quote online.

Google Analytics for Insights

  • We set up and installed a Google Analytics account for the client to track all the website traffic 
  • We used Google Analytics to identify landing pages that might inspire other keywords to expand our Google AdWords campaign. 
  • We also used the visitors’ location to target these cities or countries specifically with our campaign.

Targeting the Right Demographic 

  • Inter Viajes offers tours entirely in Spanish. For this reason, we focused on targeting customers from Latin America and Spain. We crafted ads in Spanish to reach a relevant audience.

Ad Groups Based on Services and Locations 

  • We created all of our ad groups based on all of the different services promoted by Inter Viajes NY. 
  • We included the different locations they get more business from to make the ads more effective. For example, tours Nueva York a Washington, excursion Nueva York a Boston, tour de Bronx, etc. 


  • We created two remarketing campaigns. The first one was targeting Latin-America and the other one the state of New York.  
  • The ads focused on competitive prices, which are generally 40% less than the competitions’, and the quality of the personalized tours they offer.

Using the Right Keyword Type 

  • It was essential to use the right keyword match type. In this case, we gathered a high amount of visitors but still kept an interested audience, using exact and broad match.

The Results

  • Marco has seen the positive results of our strategy on his business. He was able to see an increase in the number of calls, contact forms, and website traffic overall.

Graph of the results explained below

  • From Q4 to Q3, conversions per quarter went from 154 to 319, a 107% increase. Additionally, the conversion rate increased by 177%, from 1.05% to 2.91%.


Inter Viajes’ campaign metrics have been steadily improving each quarter and generating more phone calls. Marco is extremely happy about the performance of his Google Ads campaign and thanked us for our hard work and consistent delivery of outstanding results.

“The White Shark Media team has managed our Google Ads campaign for a year now; their experience has been reflected in a positive way in our company results. In just 6 months, conversions went from 41 to 98, a 139% increase! Thank you White Shark Media.” 

Marco García, Inter Viajes NY | Owner

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