3 Reasons to Hire A PPC Agency for Your Microsoft Ads

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Technology evolves quickly and hiring a PPC agency will be a business move that will set you above competitors. Most of the time, businesses and agencies try to tackle PPC on for themselves, only to realize that it’s a job in itself. Read on to learn more about how in-house management constructs campaigns and maintain effective performance over time.

It’s Considered An Add-On, Not What You Do

As mentioned above, digital marketing and the PPC world is undergoing constant change. If managing a PPC account is added on to other responsibilities, it’s extremely difficult for the performance of your Microsoft Ads campaigns to be the central focus of this person’s role. Trends, positive or negative, on bids and performance get overlooked. 

Agencies that specialize in PPC are not only aligned with the trends and changes in the industry, but they are up to date on tools that flag poorly performing elements of your campaigns. White Shark Media developed AdInsights to help minimize these specific issues. 

The Technical Touch

A PPC expert will not only know what to look for when doing a competitive analysis but they will also have the time to do it well. Among other tasks, a PPC manager needs to study competitor performance and create the right copy for your ads. A constant focus on PPC and a great deal of experience are required to fine-tune these skills. Some other technical duties that aren’t learned overnight are:

  • Keywords: Using Microsoft Keyword planner tool is essential to creating Microsoft Ads. 

Knowing which words to choose and how you should bid is acquired over time. Experts will not only know how to conduct keyword research but they will identify effective ad groups and leverage a series of keyword tools in order to put together a selection that serves your campaigns while amateurs won’t use them to their full potential. 

  • Campaign Settings: Microsoft provides access to an endless number of feature settings for your campaigns. To know how to take advantage from the get-go, you’ll need an ad expert. There are the basic elements to a campaign and then there are more sophisticated customizable settings that you’ll miss out on if you are overwhelmed with the start. For example, if you have a store in frame store in downtown Miami your PPC manager should know everything targeting, setting up in different ad groups, filtering out sites, negative keywords, and so on.
  • Tools: Tools, whether focused on bid, campaign management, and performance, are expensive and you’ll want to make sure that your investment is yielding as much information for your client’s progress.


In all trades, experience teaches us how to balance the details that weigh with the overall picture. Agency PPC managers are trained to think differently. A trial and error mindset can take a great deal of time and might not even reveal much as features evolve so quickly. PPC experts will have a bird’s eye view of your campaigns as well as being able to eye-specific opportunities. Amateurs will usually be highly focused on a few metrics and overlook other points. 


Hiring a PPC expert is a lot like hiring a great mechanic. It’s most likely one good move that will prevent a series of expenses and delays before you end up at the door anyway. If you are interested in learning more about PPC management services, reach out to one of our agents today.


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Author: Antonella Saravia

Antonella Saravia

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