Microsoft Ads in 2021: Text, Images, Video, Multimedia & Smart Campaigns

Yamil Amed Abud

3 years ago



Microsoft Ads launched more products and features over the past two years than all of the previous years combined, and we are here to tell you all about it.

As advertisers, part of the job is taking advantage of every opportunity to reach as many potential customers as possible. Relying solely on Google is not enough in a competitive market because it sets limits on how far you can go with PPC.

Outside of Google, the potential market is enormous, and Microsoft Ads has the second most significant share of it. Most importantly, Microsoft’s audience and ad spots are unique to the platform, meaning you cannot reach its users without running it.

You have to make use of the entire PPC landscape to effectively assess your clients and make their campaigns successful. Now, more than ever, advertising on Microsoft Ads is a must, and their response to these demands has been to take the platform to a whole new level.

So, what’s new?

Microsoft Ads core campaigns were Search, Dynamic Search Ads, and Shopping.

The Search and Dynamic campaigns used keywords as a targeting method. The Dynamic Ads would, though, pull the keywords from your landing page automatically. Additionally, you had the option of combining these with other targeting methods for:

  • Remarketing Audience Lists
  • InMarket Audiences
  • Custom Audiences

Shortly after, Customer Match was launched, allowing advertisers to upload a list of emails to ad accounts using a third-party tool.

For quite some time, these were the extent of Microsoft campaigns, making it difficult to scale the platform.

Over the past two years, Microsoft has transformed the platform with a string of features and products.

Microsoft Ads began by enabling image ads within Search Campaigns as in “ Image Extensions.

Microsoft Ads Search campaigns

Your PPC ads now involve text and images, providing a richer experience for the user.

Microsoft Ads now offers Audience Campaigns or Image ads. You can create image ads on a separate campaign, without having to combine them with Search/Text ads.

Audience campaigns also added a new targeting method called “LinkedIn Audiences.” So, in addition to Remarketing or InMarket Audiences, you could now use LinkedIn profiles to connect with your target users.

All of the following targeting combinations are available to marketers:

Microsoft Audience Campaigns

In late 2019 and early 2020, Microsoft Ads launched a brand new interface and updates to their Keyword Planner and Audience Network Planner tools.

In addition, Microsoft Ads leveraged automated bidding strategies when they launched Smart Shopping campaigns.

Microsoft Smart Shopping Campaigns

Microsoft Advertising 2020 Partner Awards

Soon, Microsoft is scheduled to launch another set of products: Video Extensions and Video Ad Extensions

Microsoft Video Extensions


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