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6 Reasons You Must Absolutely Mobile Optimize Your Website – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



For a while now, establishing an online presence has been equally as important as establishing a budget. In 2016, this means making your website ready for mobile-use, as well.

The web is quickly becoming mobile. Studies reveal we feel more connected to our phones than our desktops or tablets. As something we carry with us, something we consider personal, the experience users receive should surpass mobile-friendly. It should be mobile-optimized.

In this Shark Bite, Bronson gives us six fact-based reasons for why it is essential to appeal to mobile users and tips to ease the transition.

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Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Bronson, Director of Web at White Shark Media. I’ve been asked to share some tips, tricks, and tutorials about designing for the web. And today, we’re going to look at six fact-based reasons that your site should be optimized for mobile.


1) Did You Know That There Are Over 1.2 Billion Mobile Web Users Worldwide?

The average adult, American cell phone owner checks their phone over 150 times a day. It’s clear that this has become an impulse. Nowadays, when we’re connected, we’re connected by our mobile most of all. And by optimizing your website for mobile users, you’re catering to a far wider audience.


2) In the U.S. 25% of Mobile Web Users Are Mobile-Only

This means that they rarely use a desktop to access the web. In other words, most users will most likely only ever interact with a mobile version of your website and never see the desktop version.


3) 71% of Global Mobile Web Users Expect Websites to Load Even Faster on Their Mobile Compared with Their Home Computer

Mobile sites are designed to accommodate the data plans that most users have available. Let’s face it. How often have you found your 3G connection to be faster than your Wi-Fi? Through technology such as optimizations, server-side optimization, and compression, you’ll often find a mobile website to be far superior in performance to a desktop one.


4) Mobile Commerce Is Increasing 300 Times Faster than E-Commerce, and It’s Expected to Grow 42% Between 2013 and 2016

Not only is the use of mobile phones increasing substantially, but reports indicate that this is becoming the norm. Users are buying what they want, where they want when they want it which brings me to my next point.


5) 83% of Mobile Purchasers Admitted They’d Bought on Impulse

Mobile users are more likely to buy than desktop users. Let’s face it. We all know the scenario. It’s payday. The money’s burning a hole in your pocket, and somewhere out there there’s a little goody with your name on it.


6) Consumers Expect Transactions to Be Easier on a Mobile Phone Than They Are Offline or on a Desktop Computer

Consumers now expect a superior user experience on a mobile as opposed to a desktop. No longer do they expect a scaled-down version of a desktop experience. In fact, 41% of users that have had a bad mobile experience have simply shut down and selected a competitor’s website.


So, Where Do You Do Start?

Now that you have seen analytical data-backed reasons why you should mobile-optimize your website, let me give you a few pointers on how this can be done. To optimize for mobile, you should first walk a mile in your user’s shoes. Understand their expectations and their behaviors, and deliver a user experience that facilitates all of the above.


User Experience Is Key

Mobile users expect a website experience with zero friction. This means including only the absolute bare essentials, which will ensure quick loading times and easy navigation. Both of these aspects are crucial to building trust with your users.

By facilitating easy navigation and making it easy to take the actions they need to take, not only will you build trust, but you can boost your conversion rates by having users explore your website further. Also, make your content easier to share. Leverage the social nature of mobile phones to your advantage, and reach more customers.


Use Your Metrics As A Map To Optimization

Lastly, data is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Don’t neglect your mobile metrics. Be sure to measure the activity of mobile users on your website so you can further optimize the experience and improve conversion rates.

Mobile Domination Isn’t Happening – It Happened

So, what’s to takeaway from this SharkBite, apart from the fact that the mobile optimization is here to stay? Optimizing your mobile site is no longer optional. It’s mandatory. Users are spending money and interacting with websites on mobile exclusively.

For this and other interesting tips, tools, tricks, and information, check out the White Shark Media blog at Thanks for watching.

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