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3.5 Practices to a Customer Centric PPC Strategy

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



Why do you need it for your PPC Strategy?

To create a customer-centric approach, you will need to understand your customer. An IBM Institute for Business Value report claims that 76% of them expect that from you. That’s a big crowd to disappoint.

Technology and data make it easier to create more purposeful marketing, especially for PPC campaigns.

If this is making sense to you, the next thing on your mind should be where to begin. Below are five ways for you to start.

Couple Technology With Communication

As a white label PPC agency, we understand the importance of leveraging technology tools for insights. Among various tools in our toolbox, we use AdInsights, our audit engine tool, on a daily basis to provide high-quality reports to our partners and clients.

At White Shark Media, we are firm believers that because it exists doesn’t mean that you’re on vacation. As great as this tool is, there is still work to be done afterward.

PPC Audit Report

Suppose your client offers repair services in the local Miami area. They come to your agency because they are paying for ad clicks, few leads are converting. When you review the report, you realize you discover that a good portion of their leads is from outside Florida.

Instead of just sending over a report, walking your client through this explanation will serve your relationship more. Here you can:

  • Identify the issue
  • Provide a solution
  • Suggest next steps if the solution works

Reviewing reports and addressing questions will get you both on the same page. These conversations will inevitably change the way you respond because it is that purposeful response to their issues.

Let Your Audience Guide You

It’s no longer necessary to think up 20+ gimmicks and test them to lure the right audience to your products and services. The data and behavior that you gather can guide you in your marketing strategy.

You can uncover insights from ads and tracking. In the case of PPC, pay close attention to where and when performance spikes.

Google Ads Campaign performance

Over time, this will guide your:

  • Ad placements
  • Ad copy
  • SEO strategy
  • Keyword research
  • CTAs

Have Clear Conversations

As a digital marketing agency, think about what your customers are concerned about? Are you providing them with the solutions? Go deeper into conversations; what are they overlooking?

Many agencies and businesses tell clients what they want to hear, but it’s not realistic to what will unfold.

Tips to Effectively Communicate With Your Clients

As an agency, we’d all like to guarantee our clients a guaranteed turnaround in as little time as possible, but it doesn’t work out that quickly, and you know it. When it comes to reporting performance, your job is to communicate it clearly. This is a key component to making your client feel understood; moreover, it influences client retention.

Why? Because PPC is an extremely technical field so while many agencies get away with a few months of fluff, eventually, someone will swoop in and break things down properly. That’s how you lose clients.

Train Your Team for Hard Conversations

This last practice is part of the previous one but is still its own point. It’s important to train your team to have hard conversations with clients. It will be difficult to address technical issues and poor performance, so you’ll want someone who is capable of having those complex conversations and handles them gracefully.

If you aren’t sure how to train your personnel, consider consulting experts to help them do this. Objections and issues are part of client management and sales. It comes with the job, so your team should feel comfortable tending to it.

Work one-on-one with our sales experts to plan your agency’s growth and success

Learn to:

  • Manage your current prospects
  • Create vertical strategies
  • Purse pipeline opportunities
  • Scale your business


In short, understand your customers to exceed their expectations and build a rapport with them that others aren’t willing to do.

Technology and data make it easier to reach people, but sustainability depends on connection and “liking.” Employing the practices above will get your digital agency in a place to do that.