9 Advertising Trends You Cannot Ignore For Your 2022 PPC Strategy

Lauren Lawson

3 years ago



Digital marketing is in constant transformation. If you are not in the loop of the latest trends and updates, consider your online marketing efforts in vain and worth forfeiting to the competition.

These upcoming years, especially 2022, will undergo considerable changes due to the rollercoaster ride of the pandemic’s events from the past two years. Therefore, considering some pointers and knowledge regarding what to expect next year is the best route to go.

Let’s go over a list of trends you should note to include in your 2022 PPC strategy.

1. Prioritize Customer Experience

Nowadays, online advertising revolves around user experience and satisfying the needs of the buyer. The only way to achieve this is by fully understanding audience behavior and addressing their needs in each step of the buyers’ journey.

PPC advertising for the buyers’ journey

2. Considering Other PPC Platforms

If you haven’t considered it yet, diversifying PPC efforts beyond the Google platform and partners is a must if you want to tap into a new array of audiences to increase your sales objectives.

Other PPC platforms such as Microsoft Ads can give you the advantage of advertising to the remaining one-third of the PPC market and expose a business brand to a different market.

3. Optimizing Mobile

Mobile devices are king; a smartphone does typically not spend more than an hour away from a user’s palm and is the go-to source for managing day-to-day life.

70% of paid search impressions occur on mobile devices.

So consider ensuring that your website is mobile-optimized, incorporate mobile device aspects into your current PPC strategy and keep updated with new trends and features that PPC can offer you when optimizing mobile device users.

4. Managing PPC With AI and Automation

AI is here to take over; however, it takes PPC advertisers by the hand to boost PPC marketing efforts.

Here’s how AI and automation contribute to the cause:

  • A/B ad testing
  • Automated and smart bidding strategies for keywords
  • Ad performance based on quality score including ad relevance and CTR% estimates
  • Bid recommendation to achieve maximum traffic

Client communication tips

AI does a great job analyzing data and efficiency, supporting how automation works to manage PPC accounts. Many advertisers benefit from AI and automation to improve strategies to optimize better performance, such as CTR%, bids, and targeting.

5. YouTube Is The New TV

Over 665 million households own smart TVs globally. With more people staying home due to COVID, it has become their go-to source of entertainment, especially with YouTube at number one on the list of channels used.

What does this mean? It means you’re ads are more likely to reach more viewers in the upcoming year. So make sure you are using YouTube for PPC ad placement.

Engage Consumers Through YouTube TV

6. Voice Assistants

Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Google, I’m sure you use at least two of these voice assistants to perform voice searches from your phone, laptop, smart device, or tv.

Think about how consumers order food, shop online, or even seek information when they are ready to buy; they now usually perform voice searches to do so.

So if you haven’t thought about it, begin to include the following into your PPC strategy to optimize for voice searches.

  • Include an ad group that focuses on conversational keywords
    • Long-tailed keywords
    • Question-oriented keywords

7. Less Seconds For Video Ads

Audiences’ attention span has become smaller and smaller as online advertising has increased over the years, and therefore they want short-sweet and to the point.

“25 percent of adults say they’ll close out a video after only 10 seconds.”

So if you’re going to advertise PC video ads, then ensuring you stick to short video ads is key to engaging audiences that will convert.

8. More Captions Less Sound

As a consumer, what do you prefer, a video on mute by default and captions or going through an embarrassing moment with a video ad playing full blast?

You’re not alone; 66 percent of people say they hate it when video ads automatically play with sound.

So, on top of ensuring your video ads are short, you should keep in mind that it should sell a product or service without sound.

9. Gamers Up Their Play Time

With cases of Covid on the rise again, quarantine measures have so as well. This means that gamers will invest more time online playing video games and are more likely to be exposed to in-game display ads more frequently.

Consider the variety of ad formats available throughout the behavior of gamers.

  • Interstitial ads – during game breaks
  • Reward ads – win currency for mobile app consumption
  • Banner ads – traditional banner shown in games

Your Digital Marketing Plan For 2022

And the list can keep going! Overwhelming much? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you begin building a plan now and with the support of PPC experts.

At White Shark Media, we have tools and digital marketing strategies to put you ahead of the competition and meet business objectives. If you’re interested, let’s sit down and look at what your current PPC marketing efforts look like to improve them and take your business into the new year with flying colors.