The Google AdWords Craziest Search Queries Ever Spotted

White Shark Media

10 years ago



Welcome to the first of many months of fun with search queries!craziest-search-queries

One of the fun things from optimizing a campaign is that you come across the craziest, inappropriate, and just down-right funny search terms.

Here at White Shark Media, we started to gather a year’s worth of these search terms.

I am sure that by the end of reading this list, you will really want to add negative keywords to your campaigns!

These were just some of the search terms that we found (the others were really not appropriate to disclose). I hope you got a kick out of them just as we did!

It also goes to show you how important negative keywords are to avoid wasting your budget on searches that are not that relevant to your service or products.

So take your time and add negative keywords to your campaigns and I’m sure you will come across some that will make you laugh too!

Here are our Top 20 Picks

20. “Cat runs for senate” craziest1
19. “Vicious divorce lawyer” Somebody did something VERY bad…
18. “How do I pay less child support” Not Right at ALL!
17. “Does adultery matter in a divorce in Canada” I guess it’s good to be prepared for anything.
16. “How to file for a Canadian divorce that was done in Las Vegas” Too much of this craziest3 in Sin City may take you down that path.
15. “Can I search hotel logs to see who is staying there” Stalker or Cheated on? You pick!
14. “How to divorce your husband and get everything”  craziest4
13. “When does Wells Fargo drug test” Trying to trick the system.
12. “Divorce Depot” Looks like the divorce rate is up.
11. “Can I hide money in a divorce” craziest4
10. “What medication can I use to sedate a cat” craziest5
9. “Child support from 2 guys”  How is that possible?
8. “Life size doll clothes” ?????????
7. “Housekeeping volunteer”  I’m sure Monica from Friends is willing to help out.
6. “Suicide or divorce”  I’d pick divorce.
5. “GPS your boyfriend”  Obsession in all its glory.
4. “Zimbabwe maid blood” craziest5
3. “What happens if I stop feeding outdoor cats”  I don’t know… perhaps they’ll leave.
2. “Marijuana vending machine” craziest2
1. “Catering that accepts food stamps”  Enough said…

Discover Your Own Crazy Search Queries

As an end note, I would like to recommend the article “Three Main Strategies for Finding Negative Keywords” by Derek Hooker, which highlights the importance of negative keywords. This will help you avoid having your ads appear on crazy search queries like these, which ultimately… can hurt your campaign.

Derek also mentions how you can use the Search Query Report within AdWords to find your own crazy search queries. If you find any that suits our list, please let us know in the comments box below and we’ll include them on our next post!